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Pool Table Pocket Plugs, Inserts, Carom Conversion

Pool Table Pocket Plugs, Inserts, Carom Conversion

A member was asking how he can convert his 8 foot billiard table to have smaller pocket openings. I was doing some research on commercially available products, and this post is the results of that research. These are the ONLY commercially available pocket reducers on the market today.

You may also check out "removable billiard table pocket shims" by following the link to my other forum post.

Here is what we've put together after a few hours of research.

Comercially Available Pool Table Pocket Inserts

"Practice Pro Pocket Reducers" simple pool table pocket reducer:

Buy from Amazon.Com

These reduce the opening of the pocket by 30% of their original openings. The manufacturer says the following about this product:

  • Adjusts to fit ALL pockets on ALL tables.
  • Improves aiming skills and concentration at all levels.
  • Forces you to be more acurate.
  • Reduces pocket size by 30% on average.
  • Adjusts to fit ALL pockets on ALL tables
  • The fastest way to improve your game. (billiardsforum says: that's debatable...)

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers come in a set of six with a handy carrying pouch with draw-string, and they REALLY do work, reducing pocket width by an average of 30% by extending the natural line and angle of the existing cushion.

Buy from Amazon.Com

Another image with billiard balls in front:

Another image from above the pocket:

Buy from Amazon.Com

This next set of pool table pocket shims are homemade ones I found on the net.. The owner said they were given to him, and he doesn't know how they are made, but he provided some good images though.

Corner pocket pool table pockt plug / reducer - fully blocked or closed:

Side pocket pool table pockt plug / reducer - fully blocked or closed:

And for the measured images - with the billiard table pocket plugs opened up:

Even though we don't see a lot of pool table pocket reducers on the market, lots have been patented. Here are a few, though there are none are on the market like them:

U.S. Pat. No. 4,095,786 issued to Foley, Leo D. on Nov. 02, 1976 discloses a pocket plug for pool tables which includes a pair of angular members joined together by a welt and a spring assembly.

U.S. Pat. No. 980,142 issued to J. Byner on Dec. 27, 1910 teaches a combination pool and billiard table having a plurality of cushion blocks which are inserted into the pool pockets and are retained by notches provided adjacent thereto.

U.S. Pat. No. 1,894,989 issued to P. Hansen on Jan. 24, 1933 reveals a plug for pool table pockets including a cushion member and a threaded rod assembly which engages an internally threaded ferrule installed in the wall of the pocket.

...and one more:

Carom Table Conversion Kits

To close off your pockets completely and use your pocket billiards table as a carom table, check this out:

Full-Rail Billiard to Carom Table conversion kit...

This one is sold on a spanish billiard retail site. (bilhares.com)

Billares Carlos Teófilo SL - Les Franqueses del Vallés, Barcelona
C. Aragó 18, Barri Bellavista 08521 Les Franqueses del Vallès Barcelona
From: 9:00 to 14:00 / 16:00 to 19:00, form Monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday
+ (34) 938 401 541 or + (34) 938 443 823

Billares Carlos Teófilo SL - Fuenlabrada, Madrid
Calle Sierra Magina 1, Pol. Ind. De La Vega, 28946 Fuenlabrada - Madrid
From: 9:00 to 14:00 / 16:00 to 19:00, form Monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday
+ (34) 916 159 162 or + (34) 914 922 780

Carlos M. M. Teófilo, Lda - Loulé, Faro
E.N. 125, nº 218 A Celões - Quatro Estradas 8100-287 LOULÉ - PORTUGAL
From: 9:00 to 12:30 / 14:00 to 19:00, from Monday to Saturday
+(351) 289 358 300 / +(351) 939 125 037 or +(351) 289 358 300

Carlos M. M. Teófilo, Lda - Sintra, Lisboa
E.N. 9, Km 18 - Armazéns Palmeira, Pavilhão B Fervença 2705-906 SINTRA - PORTUGAL
From: 9:00 to 12:30 / 14:00 to 19:00, from Monday to Saturday
+(351) 219 609 330 (6 Lines) or +(351) 219 609 335
E-Mail:Comercial: comercial@carlos-teofilo.com
Bilhares Brunswick: brunswick.billiards@carlos-teofilo.com

The system that most used for this is actually a conversion kit to turn a billiard table or pool table into a carom table. Brunswick patented and originally made the pocket inserts - they were called "carom plugs". They were sold with some Brunswick billiard tables back in the day so that the buyer would effectively have both a carom table and a billiard table (I guess that was back when the two versions were similar in popularity).

1 - Brunswick - sold with their Manhattan Table in 1896:

The Manhattan is well adapted for private residences. In rich simplicity of design, in correct lines and proportion, and in the true artistic harmony and elegance. The Manhattan is peculiarly desirable. The style of finish is a combination of quarter-sawed oak and handsome figured burl ash. The Manhattan can, however, be made up in other woods as desired. This table is furnished as carom or pool or both combined, and is supplied with the finest of Vermont slated bed from our own quarries, genuine imported Simonis cloth, the incomparable Monarch quick cushions and a first class outfit of everything complete. The legs of our tables, besides being joined with wooden dowels, as is customary, are fastened with a long iron bolt passing through the entire length of the leg to the top of the head block., thus inspiring positive solidity not otherwise obtainable. This is a very important feature. Tables are supplied with our adjustable carom plus with iron fastenings. The only perfect invention of its kind in the market.

Pool Table Pocket Plugs, Inserts, Carom Conversion

Replies & Comments

  1. billiardsforumTerri Erickson on 7/2/2010 6:30:05 PM

    I am interested in purchasing two side pocket plugs / pocket reducers for my pool table.

  2. billiardsforumcarl.johnson on 12/1/2010 1:10:56 PM

    I'm an 81 yr. old former billiard player who after 50 yrs. wants to start playing caroms (and more) once again. Problem is, there are no pocket-less tables anywhere around here. I have been looking for years, for pocket inserts to no avail. Is there such a thing on the market today, and if so, how can I go about making contact with the vendor? From what I've read on this website, it seems my search could have a happy ending. I would sincerely appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,
    Carl Johnson

    26740 Cash Ct.
    Leesburg, FL 34748
    (352) 365-2473

  3. billiardsforumsophie hart on 12/4/2010 1:05:30 AM

    Wow! I must say it is a very informative forum. I have been searching everywhere on these pool table pocket reducers and this topic really helped with comprehensive research.

    But, I am unable to decide which type of billiard table pocket reducers should I go for. Can you recommend one for me?

  4. billiardsforumMitch Alsup on 12/4/2010 5:31:24 PM

    You will find that a table with tight pocket is even harder than a table with loose pockets and pocket inserts. The difference is how the ball rattles out of the pocket by rebounding off the leads and shelf.

  5. billiardsforumJohn Foster on 2/6/2011 8:54:25 AM

    I am interested in the carom conversion kit offered by Carlos Teofilo in your post.

    Do You know anyone who speaks english who has purchased this kit and would be willing to talk to me about it?

  6. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 2/14/2011 9:11:03 PM

    My name is Dan Bennicas, and I am a pool player, retired Archchitectual Desigener and Inventor.

    I have invented carom pocket inserts that will function on most pocket billiard tables.

    They are adjustable on both the corners and on the sides. They adjust to height, width, depth, and angle of the existing pockets.

    Installation and removal is simple and quick, only taking about 3 minutes.

    This will be coming to market soon!

    Do you think this will make 3-Cushion billiards popular?

    Comments welcome!

  7. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 4/19/2011 11:39:52 AM

    Here are some pictures of my carom pocket inserts:

    You can reply here for more info, and I'll update with more information shortly.

    Dan B.



  8. billiardsforumEl Principe Jose on 10/13/2011 4:00:50 PM

    I would like to know how much is the cost for the set of pool table pocket plugs for converting a normal pool table into a carom table?

  9. billiardsforumEl Principe Jose on 11/8/2011 4:11:32 PM

    I am checking in again in case someone actually knows where can I buy plugs or inserts for my pool table pockets to convert my pool table to a carom billiard table.

    I live in Phoenix, AZ.

  10. billiardsforumTab Pranee on 10/11/2012 11:15:30 AM

    I want the billiard table pocket plugs for carom table conversion. Do you sell them?

  11. billiardsforumRamin Gilani on 11/10/2012 7:33:36 PM

    I also need to know if anyone is selling the pocket plug kit for pool table conversion to a carom table.

    If so, where can I buy them, and how much do they cost?

  12. billiardsforumLeon Tran on 1/2/2014 7:26:57 AM

    Is there any way to get the full rail carom table conversion kit to the US? I would like to know if it is possible to purchase and how.

  13. billiardsforumuser1515592312 on 1/10/2018 8:51:56 AM

    Hi, I’m like the other people on this forum looking for the inserts to convert the pool table into no pocket. I didn’t see any response so I’m posting.

    Can you tell me how to purchase a set? And how much does a set cost?

  14. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 1/25/2018 10:25:00 AM

    I have my carom pocket inserts for sale!

    Dan Bennicas
    17 Marblehead Rd
    Hilton Head, SC 29926
    Phone (843) 681-4193


  15. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 1/25/2018 6:25:42 PM

    How much are you charging for a set?

  16. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 1/25/2018 6:36:46 PM

    For information, call (843) 681-4193


  17. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 1/25/2018 7:14:44 PM

    Hi Dan,

    I have great respect for what you have put together, but I fail to understand why you wouldn't just post a price here.

    It seems like we have a good stream of folks interested in your carom pocket inserts. You should make it easy for anyone interested to know if they should spend valuable time calling. Your kit is probably priced out of reach for most. We allow you to advertise for free, but in return, you don't want to share the most basic of information, such as the price.

  18. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 2/3/2018 11:24:38 AM

    The price varies depending on specifics such as:

    • custom colors (tournament green 860 Simonis is standard),
    • pro cut pockets (for smaller pockets),
    • demo sets,
    • used sets,
    • size of pool table,
    • country of order,

    ...and other factors.

    So rather than confuse people with a price that may not be accurate for them, it would seem logical that a person who is seriously interested in purchasing a set would be willing to call me. (843-681-4193). This way I can give valuable advice as to ball size, and other factors, and relay accurate information to their specific needs.

    Price range is $575.00 (used set) to $1280.00 (custom set)

    Dan Bennicas


  19. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 2/3/2018 1:52:42 PM

    Thanks Dan, this makes perfect sense. Thanks for clarifying!

  20. billiardsforumpdetombe on 4/8/2018 9:05:26 AM

    I purchased a set of these carom pocket inserts for my new 9ft Brunswick pool table many years ago from Dan's company. We have since moved and no longer have the pool table, but I kept the insert of course, considering how pricey they were. ;-}

    I must say they worked well indeed.

    In any case, I am offering them up for sale. I will throw in some carom balls and a carom cue (which has a smaller tip size than a pool cue). I am asking $500 + shipping, and I am happy to send pictures on request.

    pdetombe at gmail dot com

  21. billiardsforumuser1527558917 on 5/28/2018 9:55:18 PM

    I am interested in buying a set of these carom conversion pocket plugs.

  22. billiardsforumpdetombe on 5/29/2018 7:07:32 AM

    I only have the one set. I can send you pictures of the set I have. They are located in Chicago with a friend. I am currently traveling for work (Halifax, Ca) but I live in London, UK now. It is probably easiest to communicate by email.


    Pieter de Tombe

  23. billiardsforummoorheaj on 12/6/2018 8:30:10 PM

    Mr. Dan Bennicas,

    I have been looking for a set of Carom pocket inserts like the ones you make. I frankly can't tell from what I've read whether you have and sell them, make them and sell them, or whats going on.

    Please respond to my email and straighten me out. I've been trolling the internet for the last 2 months.

    The table I have was made by OLHAUSEN billiards. It is a 9' X 5' poll table, and the corner pockets are all the same. 4 1/8" X 5 1/8". Side pockets are 5.0" X 5 5/8".

    Best regards,
    J. Moorhead

  24. billiardsforumpdetombe on 12/7/2018 1:06:19 AM

    I have a set that I bought from the Dan Bennicas. They were quite expensive e.g. more than USD $1,000. I no longer live in Chicago, IL and no longer have the 9' Gold Crown pool table they were installed on, but they are with a friend of mine in Chicago for safe keeping.

    I can sell you the set for USD $500 plus shipping (or come collect them if you live close). I can send you pictures if you are interested.

  25. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 12/12/2018 5:59:56 PM

    @moorheaj - Did Dan Bennicas get in touch with you RE: the carom conversions? I saw your message re: his number being disconnected; I am not sure what the deal is there, but I know his email is still good (as you can see from his profile page, he was active on this site just two days ago).

    Just my opinion, but knowing the price Dan was asking for new kits, you might be better off buying Pete's kit second hand. You have to factor in the cost of your time searching.

  26. billiardsforummoorheaj on 12/13/2018 1:47:42 PM

    I agree with you regarding the purchase of the pocket plugs.

    I want to talk with Dan regarding questions I have about the measurements I have on the pockets of the pool table I'm working with. My measurements are considerably smaller than the ones he sent apparently representing BCA standard pockets.

    The pool table table I have is made by Olhausen (the second letter is either an I or L, can't tell for sure).

  27. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 12/13/2018 1:58:57 PM

    Makes sense. And it's Olhausen with an "L".

  28. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 12/16/2018 7:28:38 AM

    If you have questions you can call me!

    (843) 681-4193

    Thank you,

  29. billiardsforummoorheaj on 12/16/2018 7:58:57 AM

    I've called that number several times. Each time I get a message the number is no longer in service. I got that same message yesterday.

  30. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 12/16/2018 2:51:06 PM

    I don't know why, I've had number for forty years ! It has never been out of service!

    (843) 681-4193

    Try again!


  31. billiardsforumuser1549844403 on 2/10/2019 4:20:04 PM

    I am looking to buy Carom inserts for six pockets to convert a Snooker table to a Billiard table (on and off).

    I have tried everywhere and cannot find it. Is there anybody or organization that can help?

    I am in Queensland, Australia.

  32. billiardsforumuser1568543049 on 9/15/2019 3:24:11 AM

    NZ player here who is also looking for solutions to convert a pool table into a billiard table.

    It seems very difficult to find a way to do this, and so I am even thinking to make one set by myself.

  33. billiardsforumuser1606700703 on 11/29/2020 5:45:04 PM

    I have a pocket-billiards pool table that I want to convert into a carom table using inserts.

    Please send me information if you have the items to do it.

  34. billiardsforumBob S on 3/7/2021 4:39:00 PM

    @user1549844403 - You mentioned above that you are looking for carom pocket inserts for a SNOOKER table?

    You're not going to find any. You WILL have to make your own. Period!

  35. billiardsforumuser1527558917 on 3/9/2021 6:43:54 AM

    Thanks. I already found a set of carom pocket inserts that fit just fine.

    Period! 😁

  36. billiardsforumuser1515592312 on 3/9/2021 6:54:47 AM

    @user1527558917 - Can you direct me to about how to acquire a set?

    I also need to convert my pocket table to a carom table. I’ve been looking for a long time as well.

  37. billiardsforumuser1634489263 on 10/17/2021 9:47:44 AM

    I am looking to convert our pool table to a carom table using pocket inserts.

    Please send me the info on how to purchase them.

  38. billiardsforumDan Bennicas on 10/17/2021 10:01:51 AM

    The Universal Carom Pocket Inserts are no longer manufactured.

    I have retired that business and have been working on new inventions for billiards, including a synthetic billiard surface—SYN-SURF 7


  39. billiardsforumuser1635105196 on 10/24/2021 12:53:17 PM

    I would like to order a set of carom pocket inserts please… How do I order them?

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Pool Table Pocket Plugs, Inserts, Carom Conversion

  • Title: Pool Table Pocket Plugs, Inserts, Carom Conversion
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 10/24/2009 8:27:10 AM