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Billiard Room Sizing Calculator

Billiard Room Sizing Calculator

Greetings and happy New Years from the Billiards Forum

There have been a number of questions around how large a billiard room should be to adequately accommodate a pool table. The answer is always that it depends on several factors including table size, where the pool table will be positioned in the room, and the cue length that you'll be playing with.

Billiards Forum has developed a pool table room size calculator to help you automate your calculations.

Simply select the appropriate measurements and submit them to the tool, and you'll be given an estimate, both minimum and maximum, for how big the room should be.

Please note that these are just an estimate, and should not be used in place of professional advice.

Billiard Room Sizing Calculator

Replies & Comments

  1. billiardsforumunited on 1/7/2007 5:44:45 PM

    Interesting. How does it work on the back end? I'm just curious to know how it derives the final billiard room size figures before I rely on it

  2. billiardsforumjana on 1/7/2007 5:53:22 PM

    Thanks for the question. It is built in such a way that it simply does common sense billiard room size calculations that one would normally sit down with pencil and paper and calculate.

    It factors in common measurements that one would reasonably include. These involve table size, (Width and Height) cue length (reasonable cue lengths are listed in the drop-down) and it also factors in a comfort buffer of a few inches.

    It does not include things that some people like to add to home pool room like sofas, bars and bar stools, chairs, or cue racks. You'll have to factor those things in on your own.

  3. billiardsforumbilliardsforum on 4/13/2008 7:12:36 PM

    Another billiard table room sizing article has been published in the home billiard rooms section.

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Billiard Room Sizing Calculator

  • Title: Billiard Room Sizing Calculator
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/4/2007 11:43:23 AM