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Home Billiard Room Table Size

Home Billiard Room Table Size

Once you've decided to purchase your own home billiard table, you'll need to determine which size table your space can accommodate. To do this, you'll need to take the appropriate measurements and factor in the additional size of any furniture pieces the room will contain.

The unfortunate reality is that most homes don't have the space to accommodate the preferable nine foot table. This simply means that you'll have to make the appropriate sacrifices, which means settling for a seven or eight foot table in exchange for actually being able to play billiards in the comfort of your own home whenever you wish.

The editorial staff at Billiards Forum are of the opinion that it is worth going with a billiard table size that is a size smaller in order to increase the effectiveness of your home billiard room, and the comfort level at which your billiard games are played. Many of the charts provided by billiard equipment retailers grossly underestimate the appropriate billiard table room size. Some argue that this is done to increase sales of tables, specifically the larger ones.

Several recommendations for determining the correct billiard table toom size are listed below, followed by a set of tabular data that can be used as a reference. Remember, this is meant only to be a guide, and should be supplemented by the advice of a home billiard room professional. Some recommendations for billiard table room size include:

  • Be sure to accommodate for the maximum length of cue stick that you'll be using. Once this has been determined, you'll need to add on about eight inches to allow for proper and comfortable strokes from all angles.
  • Do a calculation that adds this figure to the the playing area of the table you are considering, and for good measure, add three more inches to that total to account for each rail and casing. Please note that these additional three inches are not completely necessary in the calculations, but that they simply provide a useful buffer. Hopefully, you'll never be shooting a cue ball from a rail or casing outside of the playing area.
  • Beyond these suggestions, feel free to consult the data in the billiard table room size guide below.
  • If you are of the lazy type like I am when it comes to mathematical calculations, you can visit our pool table room size calculator to help you automate the calculations. Remember, the billiard table room size guides and calculators are meant simply to be a guide, and should not be used without the consultation of a billiard table room size professional.
Table SizePlaying Area48" Cue52" Cue57" Cue60" Cue
6' x 3' 66" x 33" 14'6" x 11'9" 15'2" x 12'5" 16' x 13'3" 16'6" x 13'9"
7' x 3'6" 78" x 39" 15'4" x 12'2" 16' x 12'10" 16'10" x 13'8" 17'4" x 14'2"
8' x 4' 88" x 44" 16'4" x 12'8" 17' x 13'4" 17'10" x 14'2" 18'4" x 14'8"
8' x 4' (lrg)92" x 46" 16'8" x 12'10" 17'8" x 13'6" 18'2" x 14'4" 18'8" x 14'10"
9' x 4'6" 100" x 50" 17'4" x 13'2" 18'4" x 13'10" 18'10" x 14'8" 19'4" x 15'2"
10' x 5' 112" x 56" 18'4" x 13'8" 19'4" x 14'4" 19'10" x 15'2" 20'4" x 15'8"
12 x 6' 124" x 62" 19'4" x 14'2"20'4" x 14'10"20'10" x 15'8"21'4" x 16'2"

We hope that this article has been of assistance in planning your home billiard room. It should be noted that this is merely a guide that is meant for informational purposes. As always, a professional should be consulted.

Home Billiard Room Table Size

  • Title: Home Billiard Room Table Size
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 4/13/2008 7:30:00 PM
  • Source: Internet

Home Billiard Room Table Size

The Home Billiard Room Table Size article belongs to the Home Billiard Room Design and Layouts category. Articles related to the layout and design of the home billiard room.

Home Billiard Room Table Size Comments

  1. Susan DavisSusan Davis from Dallas, TX on 2/9/2009 2:42:51 PM

    What size of a room do I need to fit a 9' x 4 1/2' pool table? If I look at the chart above, using the 9 foot by 4.5 foot row, my room would need to be as big as 20' x 16' if I am using the longest 60" pool cues? Am I reading that billiard room size chart correctly?

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