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1974 Fischer Pool Table Service Manual Wanted

1974 Fischer Pool Table Service Manual Wanted

I'm looking for a service manual and or schematic for a Fischer pool table (or anything that shows how to disassemble and reassemble it and identify the parts).

I know it's a 1974 Fischer pool table, and it has serial #A-53308. It was purchased from John Wanamakers in Philly.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!



1974 Fischer Pool Table Service Manual Wanted

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  1. caruso1972billiardsforum on 1/26/2022 4:02:29 PM

    The serial number on Fischer pool tables can't be used to identify the model, so that won't be of any help at all.

    The photos aren't sufficient to identify the Fischer pool table model either, as there's virtually no view of it's identifying features, such as the legs, rails, and apron, etc.

    But either way, there aren't many assembly manuals or service manuals kicking around for older Fischer pool tables. Even if I can identify the model, it is unlikely that we'll find the corresponding service manual.

    The closest thing I've been able to find is this previous question about how to disassemble a Fischer pool table, to which I posted an answer containing the details for a Fischer Duchess VIII-VII pool table.

    If you are mechanically inclined, it shouldn't be too much trouble for you as long as you meticulously document each piece that comes off, and the way it comes apart.

    Feel free to upload some additional clear photos of the rest of the pool table if you would still like to have the model identified. There's a very good chance that we can ID it given clear detailed photos.

  2. caruso1972caruso1972 on 2/6/2022 9:05:32 PM

    Here are a few more pics of the Fischer pool table.

    As you can see disassembly has already commenced!



  3. caruso1972billiardsforum on 2/8/2022 5:15:11 AM

    It is a Fischer Cavalier model pool table. The Cavalier was one of Fischer's longest-running models, with more 3 generations and over 40 different sub-models.

    As predicted, I don't have a service manual for the Fischer Cavalier pool table model.

  4. caruso1972caruso1972 on 2/8/2022 5:38:43 PM

    Thanks for the info.

    The search continues...

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1974 Fischer Pool Table Service Manual Wanted

  • Title: 1974 Fischer Pool Table Service Manual Wanted
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  • Published: 1/25/2022 8:08:24 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/26/2022 4:00:00 PM
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