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Make, Model and Style of Table from Macon Billiard Supply Co.

Make, Model and Style of Table from Macon Billiard Supply Co.

I am trying to run down some information about our family pool table, including how much it is worth. Our father purchased this pool table new in the mid 1967 or 1968. He played a lot in the local halls.

From what I can research looks like noted Macon Billiards Supply Co. aka an early Gandy pool table. Could it have been manufactured by Gandy of that era for Macon Billiard Supply?

It is an 8-foot model, with a 3-piece slate design and drop pockets (no ball return gullys). It has been re-clothed once. It was professionally installed and was never moved. It is in truly pristine condition.

If anyone has more information or a price point to sell if we decide to, it would be greatly appreciated.

Our father passed 9 years ago and it has a lot of family pool playing history with it. We are thinking about selling it only because neither my sister's home nor mine can't accommodate it.

Thank you for your time.






... or in PDF format: Pool-Table-1.pdf, Pool-Table-2.pdf, Pool-Table-3.pdf, Pool-Table-4.pdf, and Pool-Table-5-.pdf

Make, Model and Style of Table from Macon Billiard Supply Co.

Replies & Comments

  1. charles3rd547BallBuster on 2/15/2020 5:14:22 PM

    It looks just like a Gandy pool table except for the legs.

    I once got an 8' PRO Gandy pool table for $50.00 a long time ago.

    It pissed me off so I threw it away.

  2. charles3rd547billiardsforum on 2/15/2020 5:47:36 PM

    @BallBuster - You are correct in your Gandy identification (and, I'm a little jealous of the fact that you found a Gandy 8' Pro for $50. I'd take that deal all day long.

    @charles3rd547 - You have a beautiful Gandy "Big G" pool table. It appears to be in great shape for it's age.

    The Gandy Big-G pool table is a professional-grade table (A.K.A., a commercial-grade pool table). Highly sought-after in the used pool table market.

    This model is Gandy's equivalent to the Brunswick Gold Crown, etc.

    Macon Billiard Supply was either the dealer or the company that serviced the pool table. It was common practice in those days for pool table service companies to remove the manufacturer's emblem and replace it with their own (I can't imagine that happening today).

    The legs do look different than the more recent Gandy Big-G pool tables. They evolved through the years, just as the Gold Crown pool tables did.

    Here is a Gandy Big-G ad from a November/December 1972 issue of a magazine which shows the style of legs yours has:


    Most families don't purchase commercial-grade pool tables, but your father did.

    I think it's a fantastic pool table, and even more so because it's a family heirloom of yours.

  3. charles3rd547BallBuster on 2/15/2020 6:27:38 PM

    @billiardsforum - Well, that Gandy had particle board skirts and a one-piece slate and had a fisher all the way through. There's a reason why they went out of business. I kept the slate and I now use it as a patio and that piece with the fisher, cracked. Brunswick made a similar looking pool table that played much better IMHO. They had some at Clicks Billiards in Dallas and they were good pool tables.

  4. charles3rd547charles3rd547 on 2/16/2020 5:02:43 AM

    Thank you for the information.

    That pool table was Dad's pride and joy. He loved teaching everyone the art and strategy of billiards, and very important, the respect of the pool table. Brush and cover it when finished. The memories.

  5. charles3rd547billiardsforum on 9/28/2020 5:52:06 PM

    FYI - the answer I gave above was not quite accurate - in that Macon Billiard Supply Co. and Gandy were both owned by Roy Gandy.

    For the full details, see: How Much is a Macon Billiard Supply Co. Pool Table Worth?

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Make, Model and Style of Table from Macon Billiard Supply Co.

  • Title: Make, Model and Style of Table from Macon Billiard Supply Co.
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  • Published: 2/15/2020 5:26:35 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/16/2020 5:28:30 AM
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