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Identify Oversized Gandy Pool Table

Identify Oversized Gandy Pool Table

What information do you need to identify a Gandy pool table?

I think it might be a Gandy "Jr Miss America" pool table because I remember that it was considered to be oversize.

Thanks for any help so I can make a correct identification.

Identify Oversized Gandy Pool Table

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  1. user1549304562billiardsforum on 2/4/2019 4:42:11 PM

    Photos are a must. Sides(long and short), top, legs, and any other markings, plates, identifying features.

    In the meanwhile, some info that may be of interest to you:

    • The unique feature of the Gandy Jr. Miss America pool table is it's 42"x84" playing area which is in between the traditional 7-foot and 8-foot sized pool tables.
    • Gandy "oversized" 8-foot Miss America pool tables have a 46"x92" playing area with 1" doweled pinned slates.
    • Gandy also had another "oversize 8-foot" model called the "Gandy Hustler" pool table.

    On that note, here are a few photos of other Gandy Miss America / Gandy Jr. Miss America pool tables that you may or may have not already come across in your research.

    8.5'/8' Pro Gandy Miss America Pool Table


    Gandy "Jr Miss America" Pool Table

    ​$1375. This rare model features Formica covered solid wood rail tops, BRAND NEW K66 cushion rubber, and dowel pinned Italian 3-piece slates. The unique feature to this table is it's 42x84" playing area which is in between the traditional 7' and 8' sizes Gandy was the only company to offer a model in this size! Great pool table for space challenged room settting.



    8' Over Sized Gandy Miss America Pool Table $1400

    ​$1400. USA made with doweled Italian slates and solid Phillipian Mahogany framing, durable Formica covered rails. This mint model is an affordable oversize 8' pool table!



  2. user1549304562user1549304562 on 2/5/2019 8:21:13 AM

    The legs and base of my Gandy pool table do not look like any of these.

    I am not sure that I know how to correctly measure the dimensions, but my table is 50 1/2 x 101, measuring rail to rail. That seems a little odd, so maybe I am not measuring correctly.

    I am going to look at the Gandy Hustler since it is also an oversized model. My Gandy pool table has wood-grain Formica and a slate playfield, but I don't know much else about it.

  3. user1549304562billiardsforum on 2/6/2019 2:56:38 AM

    You aren't doing the thing that could help you the most - uploading photos of your pool table.

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Identify Oversized Gandy Pool Table

  • Title: Identify Oversized Gandy Pool Table
  • Author: (Will Hazleton)
  • Published: 2/4/2019 10:22:43 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/4/2019 4:15:23 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)