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Identify Brand of 1972 Pool Table Model 60-40398-R

Identify Brand of 1972 Pool Table Model 60-40398-R

I am trying to figure out the brand or manufacturer for a pool table I have. There is no information visible, but the plate reads:

Manufactured by member of BCA in 1972

model: 60-40398-R

Any help or info would be great!

Identify Brand of 1972 Pool Table Model 60-40398-R

Replies & Comments

  1. EnriqueQ1bAll on 3/3/2016 4:53:25 PM

    I have the same pool table.

    Manufactured by member of BCA in 1972
    Model: 60-40398-R
    SN# 8157

    Did you ever locate the name brand or any information on the table?

    Mine is 100% disassembled and the instructions sheet for assembly would be excellent to locate.

  2. Enriquebilliardsforum on 3/3/2016 8:13:27 PM

    This is a tough one. Only thing I could find was this ad, but still didn't get a brand or a manufacturer name. We're getting closer though.


    Price: 150150 USD $150 for 8 ft slate table with 88 X 44 playing area. Slate playing surface is intact. Green cloth in good shape without any stains. The table and has a green plastic cover. I was unable to locate the make but found the model/serial: 6040398R/6161.The table does not come with any balls or cues. A wooden cue rack (shown in the picture) is included. A ceiling pool light fixture (shown in the picture) is also included. The light fixture is made with heat resistant plastic but looks like stained glass.The pool table is located in the basement of a single family house. The buyer is responsible for disassembly and transportation of the table. I am willing to exchange goods of equivalent value or gift cards instead of cash payment for the pool table. Please contact me if you have something to exchange. Location: Schaumburg, IL. Posting ID: 3464299179

    ...and here is the photo:

    Is this the same as the one you have?

    Let us know if you come across anything.

  3. EnriqueQ1bAll on 3/3/2016 8:27:25 PM

    Absolutely. This is the table I have. Thank you so much for trying get more info on the brand. Very strange that a item like a American Pool Table would not be stamped anywhere with a brand name.

  4. Enriquebilliardsforum on 3/3/2016 8:28:08 PM

    Agreed. What we had (and still have) is a lot of private labeling of pool tables. Some big box store wants to sell pool tables, so one of the big pool table manufacturers will make a cheaper line for them, and the deal is that they are not to have markings from the original manufacturer. The retailer sometimes never puts their own plate on them.

    And another similar AD:

    I Have A 7'8"X4' Pool Table Manufactured By A Member Of BCA. Would like to identify brand. I have a 7'8"x4' pool table with 1" slate and ball return manufactured by a member of BCA. It is Model 60, 92378-, serial # 5931. It was manufactured in 1978. What make could it be?

  5. Enriquebilliardsforum on 3/3/2016 8:36:09 PM

    ...and we might have a brand!

    **"Montgomery Ward" pool tables "Centurion" line. **

    If you search on this phrase above you should be able to find some info. Some photos below.


    Slate Pool table W/accessories Montgomery Ward Centurion Ended: Jul 27, 2015 , 5:38 PM Price: US $333.33

    Table is from late 70's but still in excellent condition. Felt still good, very slight fade, not wear patterns or damage.

    Brand: Montgomery Wards Model: 60-4-40398-R

    This pool table has outer dimensions of 56" W by 100" L and 31" Tall. Included are wooden rack, complete ball set, 4 cues, original manual, and table brush. It is a Montgomery Wards Centurion Model 60-4-40398-R with ball return. Table is assembled at our home which has been sold, so buyer must arrange to disassemble and remove table before 7/24/2015. This is a local pick up only auction and buyer is responsible for moving. You will need to have at least 2 strong people, preferably 3 or 4 to move without damaging the table. We likely will not be able to assist at all. The table is in very good condition, plays great, and looks great.

  6. EnriqueQ1bAll on 3/4/2016 6:24:06 PM

    Amazing! Thank you for all the assistance. Now just hoping someone will be nice and scan the assembly instructions so they can then post them to the site.

  7. Enriqueuser1482243363 on 12/20/2016 9:15:16 AM

    I was wondering if anyone ever posted or found instructions for the Montgomery Ward Centurion pool table?

    I have this pool table and I am wondering how to install the felt over the slate?

    Here's what I have:


  8. Enriqueuser1531358096 on 7/11/2018 9:14:57 PM

    Did you ever get your Montgomery Ward's pool table assembled? I am now looking for the assembly instructions for one, and I cant believe how hard it is to find this.

  9. EnriqueQ1bAll on 7/12/2018 6:57:10 AM

    Yes, I did get it all assembled, but without the instructions.

    I ordered new rubber pockets, the Pro Series 5122, and took the auto ball return out of the equation. I bought new plastic corner trim pieces to fill in the areas where the side panels came together. I sanded down the slates to get all of former glue and irregularities smoothed out. I then started putting all the pieces together and ultimately used the EZ Shims Heavy Duty to level the slate on the frame and then used Donald's water putty, beeswax, and new felt to finish it off.

    It turned out great.

    NOTE: I shimmed under the legs to get the pool table as level as possible and I found that the rough leveling of the slate could be done with a tool, but unfortunately the slate wasn't cut with precision and therefore I had to resort to using rolling balls to manually level it the best I could. The leveling is the most difficult part, but I was happy with the ending result.

    I then sold the house and the new owners wanted to keep the table. All in all I had about $500 invested in the table, but since I got it for free I felt it was worth it.

  10. Enriqueuser1557797265 on 5/13/2019 6:27:46 PM

    I have the same pool table. After looking at others, including a donated one to a senior center, the confidence level is high that this table was actually manufactured by All-Tech Industries out of Florida.

    These pool tables were sold by Hechts (May Company), Montgomery Wards, and other department stores as private (no-name) label pool tables.

    I just had mine recovered with Simonis 860 cloth. The plastic corner caps are cracked/chipped from from shooters catching/snagging them when walking around the table. I have replacement ones on order. I would like to replace them with metal corner caps.

  11. Enriquebilliardsforum on 5/15/2019 3:41:30 AM

    @user1557797265 - this is great info.

    I wasn't aware that ATI may have made white-label pool tables for department stores like Montgomery Wards, but it makes perfect sense for that era, and the design and styling of the pool tables certainly have many similarities to pool tables made by All-Tech / ATI.

    I'd love to find someone who was an insider at either of those companies who can confirm. That, or find something concrete online, like a trade advertisement, etc.

    Either way, thanks again for the insight, and good luck with the corner cap replacement.

  12. Enriqueuser1566281295 on 8/19/2019 11:07:31 PM


    I too have this table and we just recently moved and my plastic corner caps are missing. Which replacement ones did you order and from where?

  13. Enriqueuser1557797265 on 8/20/2019 3:49:51 AM

    I purchased the "Textured Finish Wide Rail Caps", item# RC/3767 from Classic Billiards in Fallston, MD.




  14. Enriqueuser1572890433 on 11/4/2019 10:00:34 AM

    I just put up my dad's Montgomery Ward Centurion pool table, from 1972, BCA Model 60-40398-R Serial No. 4170.

    I am so excited to see this page of responses!

    I played on this pool table as a young teenager and am so excited to have it in my home now. Empire Pools and Billiards set it up for me and it's perfect with the exception of a couple nicks.

    In Memory of Alton Bushey!



  15. Enriqueuser1574957955 on 11/28/2019 8:19:16 AM

    How did you get your rails on your Montgomery Ward pool table?

    It's not as simple as laying them down and bolting them on. There's a lot of play.

    Here is a photo of what I'm dealing with


  16. Enriqueuser1557797265 on 11/28/2019 1:25:12 PM

    You may need to rotate the T-nuts to reattach.

    Mine are tight.

  17. Enriqueuser1622090673 on 5/26/2021 9:44:34 PM

    We just acquired an old Montgomery Ward pool table, "Baroque" Model #60-92498 and we're looking for more info.

    If anyone has any insight, please respond in our post linked above.

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Identify Brand of 1972 Pool Table Model 60-40398-R

  • Title: Identify Brand of 1972 Pool Table Model 60-40398-R
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  • Published: 9/17/2012 2:26:37 AM