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ID Pool Table Model ETL60 92468R

ID Pool Table Model ETL60 92468R

I need some help to identify an older pool table model ETL60 92468R

The plate says:


Serial No


Here's a side view:



ID Pool Table Model ETL60 92468R

Replies & Comments

  1. Antonio Martinezbilliardsforum on 1/26/2021 5:34:55 AM

    It is a department store brand sold through Montgomery Ward's in the 1970s.

    See this previous question on a model just like this one:

    They're low-end residential-grade pool tables, not worth anything significant given the state of the market for used pool tables these days.

  2. Antonio MartinezAntonio Martinez on 1/26/2021 5:45:04 AM

    Is there any place to buy replacement parts for Montgomery Wards pool tables?

  3. Antonio Martinezbilliardsforum on 1/26/2021 5:52:40 AM

    The company is long gone, and they likely didn't manufacture them themselves anyway.

    Other than cloth and cushions, it is unlikely you'll find a source for parts (other than buying another used table of the same model to raid for parts).

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ID Pool Table Model ETL60 92468R

  • Title: ID Pool Table Model ETL60 92468R
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/26/2021 5:12:12 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/26/2021 5:32:14 AM
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