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ID and Value of a 1905 5X10 6-Leg Brunswick Balke Pool Table

ID and Value of a 1905 5X10 6-Leg Brunswick Balke Pool Table

I have a 5' x 10', 6-leg Brunswick Balke-Collender pool table that I am interested in finding some info about.

I may be interested in selling it and I need to find the next owner.

I think it is from about 1905. I have had it for 50 years and I rebuilt it at that time. It is in excellent condition. It has rosewood rails and overall, is in very nice condition.

I would like someone who can help me come up with an approximate price and provide some information on the pool table.

Can you help me?

Thank you for any response.

Doug Evans
(814) 381-8349

ID and Value of a 1905 5X10 6-Leg Brunswick Balke Pool Table

Replies & Comments

  1. dougevbilliardsforum on 11/6/2021 2:43:03 AM

    First we'll need to identify the model and assess the condition of your 10-foot antique Brunswick Balke-Collender pool table.

    In order to do that, you'll need to upload some clear photos of all aspects of the pool table, including the legs, rail detail, aprons (from both the long and short sides), and an overall photo.

    Upload some photos of your Brunswick pool table and we'll go from there.

    The model and it's condition will be key in determining it's value.

  2. dougevdougev on 11/7/2021 6:44:05 AM

    Thank you for responding. Here are several pictures of the pool table.

    The rails were refurbished by Saunier-Wilhem of Pittsburgh in 1995. I refinished the pool table around the same date.







  3. dougevbilliardsforum on 11/11/2021 11:06:59 AM

    It appears that you've got a version of the Brunswick Mission Style "B" pool table.

    I know it's not 100% identical to the one in the catalog image below, but there are several slight variations of the model which weren't cataloged separately.

    It could also have been a custom request when the original owner ordered it, or a customization or repair at some point in the pool table's history.

    The trim at the bottom of the legs were most likely added later (as they often were, to hide damage).

    It is a six-leg Brunswick Balke Collender Old Mission Style "B" pool table from somewhere between 1906 and 1911 (it's years of production). Patent dates on that plate exactly match those of other similar Brunswick pool table models.

    Here is the image and the specs from the 1908 Brunswick Balke-Collender catalog.


    Brunswick Old Mission Style "B" Pool Table

    • Year of ManufactureFrom 1906 To 1911
    • 10 Foot options available (56" x 112" Playfield)
    • Slate: Vermont, 1 or 1 1/2" thick; 3 piece
    • Weight:1700 lbs
    • Color Options: Dark Flemish Oak

    Technical Information:

    Produced under 18 construction patents awarded from 1892 to 1905.

    Strictly conventional Mission; extra good quality.

    It is made of oak, the most appropriate wood for the purpose, and finished in dark Flemish or Weathered Oak. Can be made to order in Chestnut, Elm or Cypress with weathered, fumed or any other special finish desired. Furnished as billiard or pool or combination of both.

    Particular attention is directed to the following points of superiority in this design of table:

    The slate bed is best quality Vermont one inch thick, the sections being joined with brass dowels and sockets. No screw holes on the playing surface. Can be furnished with slate 1 1/2" in thickness where desired, at a small advance in cost.

    The cushions are the celebrated quick acting Monarch, guaranteed the most perfect angle cushion in the world. Used by all professional players in America and Europe.

    The cushion rails are of extra heavy construction and firmly bolted to the slate bed. In all of our high grade tables, what is termed a "blind cushion rail" is made use of, that is the bolts holding the cushion rails to the slate bed are concealed by woodwork. This eliminates the cheap appearing ornamental bolt caps and gives greater weight to the cushion rail, which means better results from the cushions. The cushion rail tops are veneered with rosewood, which does not change color, cannot be easily disfigured with lighted cigars and does not have the objectional features of a varnish finish.

    See also:

  4. dougevdougev on 11/11/2021 4:51:23 PM

    Thank you for the information.

    Do you have any idea of the value for a nice antique Brunswick Balke-Collender pool table like this?

  5. dougevbilliardsforum on 11/12/2021 1:51:53 AM

    I'm not well versed in antique Brunswick Balke-Collender pool table valuations enough to give you a solid price.

    I can share a few points though:

    • The fact that it's a 10-foot, 6-leg version means a lot. That alone probably makes it worth a few thousand more.l
    • The after-market trim at the bottoms of the legs would detract slightly. The highest premiums would be paid for tables with no damage and no additional custom trim work.

    Otherwise, your Mission Style "B" pool table appears to be in great condition. Now that you know the model (and if you're not in a rush to sell it), the best way to appraise or value it would be to monitor local classified sites and eBay. These come up for sale every so often. The best way to gauge the value of a pool table is to base it on previous comparable sales.

    If you are in a hurry to move it, I recommend starting higher. You can always lower the price as time goes on, if it doesn't sell.

    For pool tables like this to get their best value at market, the right buyer has to come along. The pool of buyers for an antique pool table like this will be much smaller than it would be for run-of-the-mill used pool tables. In order to get the best price, time is your friend.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  6. dougevdougev on 11/12/2021 5:53:24 AM

    Wow. Thank you for the excellent information.

    I am surprised to learn that the copper leg caps are not original. I refinished all the parts of this table and I saw no clues that indicated that it was a repair job as it looks perfect.

    You mentioned that the fact that it is a 6 leg 10 footer could add a few thousand more. This pool table also has 1 1/2" slate. Would that add any value?

    Finally, can you give me any guesstimate of an asking price based on:

    • It is in excellent shape,
    • It is the 6-leg, 10-foot version
    • It has 1 1/2" slate

    I also have a nice ball rack (you can see the bottom or it in one of the pictures that I posted) that would go with it and I think a very old set of ivory balls....but I have not confirmed they are ivory.

    If you have an opinion that you don't want to post you can shoot me an email.

    Thank you again!

  7. dougevbilliardsforum on 11/13/2021 3:46:32 AM

    I really can't, because I don't have any historical data to base a price on, and there's nothing on the market right now to go by either.

    Slate thickness won't do anything to increase the value. That would have been the standard slate size and thickness for that size pool table.

    The reason the larger size pool table commands a bit more is because they aren't as common as 8-footers, and the bigger size tables are more sought-after by higher-level players.

    All I have is this classified listing from my archives. It's a December 2016 sale in Buffalo, NY, and it was for sale for $4999. I have no indication on whether it actually sold for that much. It's slightly different from yours, but close.

    9-Foot Antique Old Mission Style "B" Pool Table

    For sale Antique Old Mission Style "B" 9' pool table and accessories. Not in perfect condition but still very nice piece of furniture that is fully functional.

    Accessories include wall mounted cue holder and cues, billiards ball holder, score keeper and pocket inserts if you choose to play billiards.

    Selling table due to moving in the Spring and not interested in bringing with. It has a leather cover I bought 6 years ago. It is a 3 piece slate top.

    Peters Billiards has been the company I have gone with for moving and maintenance since this table came into my possession. It is a very nice table and with some work could be worth much more then currently asking.

    The table has a Schaaf Mfg stamp on it, but when the Peters Billiards guys took it apart for me this last time said the serial number looks like a Brunswick number.

    Have had only one inquiry so far and he requested pics of the cues, tips and bottom, so have added pics of those to post.

    Only serious inquires contact me please.


    Also consider that the market for used pool tables is extremely unbalanced in favor of the buyer. This is because for about the last 15 years, there has been a trend of downsizing and getting rid of home pool tables and selling off of older pool tables owned by, or passed down from, baby boomers. You can usually find (very easily) 100+ year-old pool tables being sold for next to nothing or even given away. All of this has the effect of bringing prices way down for sellers.

    I hope this helps.

  8. dougevdougev on 11/13/2021 7:40:18 AM

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I think I will ask $6000 for mine table and see where that goes.

  9. dougevbilliardsforum on 11/14/2021 2:50:54 AM

    That price makes sense. Please do let us know how it goes.

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ID and Value of a 1905 5X10 6-Leg Brunswick Balke Pool Table

  • Title: ID and Value of a 1905 5X10 6-Leg Brunswick Balke Pool Table
  • Author: (Doug Evans)
  • Published: 10/12/2021 7:28:44 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/6/2021 2:31:59 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)