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Old Mission Style B Brunswick Pool Table? Atler Bros & Berner?

Old Mission Style B Brunswick Pool Table? Atler Bros & Berner?

Can anyone help with identifying this pool table?

I thought it was a Brunswick Old Mission Style B pool table, but it has an "Alter Bros & Berner" medallion placed on the rail.

Can I assume its a Brunswick pool table that a cushion refurbisher named "Alter Bros & Berner" placed their logo in the wood?





Old Mission Style B Brunswick Pool Table? Atler Bros & Berner?

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  1. user1569387377billiardsforum on 9/25/2019 3:43:25 AM

    You are exactly right in your assessment.

    It is a six-leg Brunswick Balke Collender Old Mission Style "B" pool table from somewhere between 1906 and 1911 (it's years of production). Patent dates on that plate exactly match those of other similar Brunswick pool table models.

    Somewhat unbelievably, it was very common in those days and the decades after for pool table service companies to swap out the manufacturers medallion with one of their own.

    I can't believe they got away with that to be honest.


    From the 1908 Brunswick catalog:

    Brunswick Old Mission Style "B" Pool Table

    • Year of ManufactureFrom 1906 To 1911
    • 10 Foot options available (56" x 112" Playfield)
    • Slate: Vermont, 1 or 1 1/2" thick; 3 piece
    • Weight:1700 lbs
    • Color Options: Dark Flemish Oak

    Technical Information:

    Produced under 18 construction patents awarded from 1892 to 1905.

    Strictly conventional Mission; extra good quality.

    It is made of oak, the most appropriate wood for the purpose, and finished in dark Flemish or Weathered Oak. Can be made to order in Chestnut, Elm or Cypress with weathered, fumed or any other special finish desired. Furnished as billiard or pool or combination of both.

    Particular attention is directed to the following points of superiority in this design of table:

    The slate bed is best quality Vermont one inch thick, the sections being joined with brass dowels and sockets. No screw holes on the playing surface. Can be furnished with slate 1 1/2" in thickness where desired, at a small advance in cost.

    The cushions are the celebrated quick acting Monarch, guaranteed the most perfect angle cushion in the world. Used by all professional players in America and Europe.

    The cushion rails are of extra heavy construction and firmly bolted to the slate bed. In all of our high grade tables, what is termed a "blind cushion rail" is made use of, that is the bolts holding the cushion rails to the slate bed are concealed by woodwork. This eliminates the cheap appearing ornamental bolt caps and gives greater weight to the cushion rail, which means better results from the cushions. The cushion rail tops are veneered with rosewood, which does not change color, cannot be easily disfigured with lighted cigars and does not have the objectional features of a varnish finish.

  2. user1569387377Type79 on 9/25/2019 12:01:19 PM

    What a lovely pool table. I am very partial to ten foot tables.

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Old Mission Style B Brunswick Pool Table? Atler Bros & Berner?

  • Title: Old Mission Style B Brunswick Pool Table? Atler Bros & Berner?
  • Author: (C. Janney)
  • Published: 9/24/2019 9:56:18 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/25/2019 5:24:03 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)