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Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table Pocket Options

Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table Pocket Options

I am looking at a Brunswick Ventura II pool table. I could not find the "label" on the underneath inside of the pool table, but it definitely has the Brunswick metal name plate on it.

It looks like the one I found in another question on this forum—Brunswick Ventura II HF Information? (which is pictured with real "leather fringe" on the outside of the pockets), except the one I am looking at (pictured below) has the standard looking "rope fringe" on it.

Because it has the rope fringe instead of the real leather fringe, does that indicate that it IS NOT a Brunswick Ventura II pool table? Could it be a Brunswick Ventura III model instead, or did they also make the Ventura II pool table with the rope fringe pockets too?

Any help you can give me before I purchase it would be most appreciated.

Also... what would be the average value of a Brunswick Ventura pool table be? The one I am looking at is in very good condition.

Thanks for your help.


Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table Pocket Options

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  1. user1633091930billiardsforum on 11/2/2021 6:40:56 AM

    I can barely see the pocket in the photo you uploaded, but it appears to have leather net pockets with a rope fringe. It's likely the Ventura II or III.

    Brunswick describes the pockets exactly the same in the technical specification sheets for all three versions:

    Traditional regulation size leather net pockets. All pocket openings are made to exacting industry standards.

    However, this describes only the underlying pocket itself, not the fringe decoration.

    The photo of the Brunswick Ventura (original) shows leather fringe. The Ventura II in some catalogs show rope fringe, yet the Ventura III shows (and specifies) a "leather fringe" in a 2006 catalog photo (though no other years catalogs specify fringe material. It likely changed over time as material costs changed.

    Brunswick Ventura I Photo (Circa 1989)


    Brunswick Ventura III Photo (Circa 2006)


    I wouldn't worry about it not being an authentic Brunswick pool table. The Ventura is a lower-end residential consumer-grade "furniture style" pool table, and whether it's version I, III, or III is a detail that probably isn't worth worrying about.

    As for the value of a Brunswick Ventura pool table (regardless the version) would be somewhere less than $1000. It depends on it's condition, the region, and the supply in the local market at any given time.

    Again, it's a residential-grade pool table, and they're a dime a dozen on classified sites. You'll pay way more buying used from a pool table store or billiard service company, etc. I would recommend that you search local classified and see what's out there for the same price they;re asking for the one you're currently looking at. That will quickly give you an idea of whether the price is decent for that pool table or not.

  2. user1633091930user1633091930 on 11/2/2021 7:36:02 AM

    Thanks so much for responding to my message. I paid a little more than $1,000 for my Ventura II pool table, but it included the delivery, installation, new felt, pool balls, four cue sticks and two racks, chalk, etc. So, maybe I got a pretty good deal. The table is actually in excellent condition - just a few minor scratches here and there.

    I just LOVED the leather fringe...and have been searching endlessly to see if I can find someone who has this decorative pocket so I can change it out on my table. The fringe I have is the "rope" type...and it is in great condition. But the leather fringe is really great looking for the "lodge" I created in my full-size basement. If you know of anyone who has the fringe pockets that they'd like to sell, and can direct me to them, that would be awesome.

    Again, thanks for responding to my questions - and for clarifying that even with the rope fringe, I do have a Brunswick Ventura II pool table.

  3. user1633091930billiardsforum on 11/2/2021 8:34:29 AM

    I would say you got a fair deal there when you factor in the value (cost) of the moving, install, cloth replacement, etc. That can easily run you $300 to $500 depending on where you are.

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Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table Pocket Options

  • Title: Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table Pocket Options
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  • Published: 10/1/2021 5:38:51 AM
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