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Golf Pool Billiards Rules

Golf pool or golf billiards is not an entirely common game, but it is common enough that you'll see it around from time to time and from pool hall to pool hall. This is usually a game that is used for gambling between players, and played for money, and is normally played on a ten-foot snooker table. Golf pool is a billiard game that requires precise shot making, and that can really bring out a player's technical shot making ability. To explain the general concept, we'll start with a brief overview of the game.

In golf pool, or golf billiards, the pool table's pockets become golf holes. The top right pocket at the head of the table (as viewed from above) is deemed to be hole number one. The opposite head pocket becomes golf hole number two. The remaining pockets become holes three through six, moving in a clockwise rotation around the table. To begin the game of golf pool or golf billiards, take any object ball and spot it directly on the foot spot, and take the cue ball and sot it directly on the center spot.

Golf billiards, or golf pool, is a game that can be played with many players, unlike most traditional billiard games. For each player added, the length of time to complete the game becomes incrementally longer. The players each get a numbered ball, each of which have no particular significance. Using some method a shooting order is determined, and the players shoot in that order for the duration of the game.

The first player then must make the object ball contact the foot rail, then return to the other end of the table toward the first hole, or pocket. Each shot, including the initial shot, is equal to one golf stroke. Once player number one pockets the first ball in hole number one, the second player's inning begins.

The second player must use the cue ball where it lies as the result of player number one's last shot. They begin their inning by spotting their object ball on the foot spot. The second player does not need to make his or her object ball contact the foot rail. The second player in the game of golf pool or golf billiards must pocket or sink their object ball in hole number one.

The game rotates as described in the players first two innings. Three full rotations around the pool table are equal to 18 holes of golf. The most common par for the golf course, or pool table is two strokes, although this is fairly tight. You can adjust this if you feel the need.

Fouls are assessed in the form of stroke penalties, also known as hickeys. Each foul a player commits will result in a three-stroke penalty being applied to the shooting player's score. All of the foul infractions spelled out in the general rules of pocket billiards apply in golf pool or golf billiards. If the player before the current shooter has committed a foul, and the current shooter does not have a clear shot to his ball, the ball(s) which are deemed to be in the way may be temporarily moved so that the shooter has a clear shot. Any moved balls must be returned when the shot or hole is complete.

There are a few alternative or supplemental scoring methods in golf pool or golf billiards. One alternative is that each of the players owe each other player the difference between their hickey count and that player's count. To be declared the winner of golf pool, you must be the player who has legally pocketed your ball in to the six-hole. (Or the 12-hole, or 18-hole.)

Fouls include pocketing your ball in the wrong hole, failure to hit the shooter's ball first, or a failure to accomplish any of the following items.

  1. Hit a rail with the cue ball before hitting your ball
  2. Causing your object ball to hit a rail after hitting it with the cue ball
  3. pocketing your object ball

Additionally, a foul is assessed if the shooting player causes any ball to leave the table. If it is the cue ball, it is spotted by the next shooter on the D. Any other ball is spotted as close as possible to the foot spot.

Golf Pool Billiards Rules

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Golf Pool Billiards Rules History

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The official Golf Pool Billiards Rules are predominently observed in North America.

How to Play Golf Pool Billiards

Questions about Golf Pool Billiards Rules:

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  • Published: 2/16/2008 10:18:00 AM
  • Source: Wikipedia

Golf Pool Billiards Rules

The Golf Pool Billiards Rules article belongs to the Miscellaneous Billiard Game Rules category. The miscellaneous billiards class of cue sport games includes games that are not technically members of the traditional five classes of billiard games.

Golf Pool Billiards Rules Comments

  1. heej2001heej2001 from Deer Lodge, MT on 9/28/2008 8:37:15 AM

    My friends and I just played Golf Billiards last night, but we changed the rules a little. We use a "kitchen" to start the game, and also used it for fouls. A player is allowed to shoot in any direction out of the kitchen. We also don't allow players to move another players ball in order to get a clean shot. This part is really good practice on caroms. Otherwise the general rules of golf pool outlined above apply.

    This is a great website.

  2. RedeyeRedeye from Montgomery, AL on 12/22/2009 9:37:00 AM

    Unless I am not understanding the rules above, we play golf billiards and some call it "Rosie". In Rosie billiards, everyone plays in turn and when you make a hole you re-spot your ball and go to the next. Part of the strategy is to take out your opponent with your shot to the hole. With more than 4 players in a game you get a traffic jam at the holes until someone pulls away. Hickies for fouls are charged but we do not count strokes, since the one who makes most strokes will finish last and has to pay by the number holes beaten. Three kinds of money can be played:

    1. by the game
    2. by number of hickies
    3. by the number of holes behind
  3. Kenny ElderKenny Elder from Saskatoon, SK on 5/21/2010 2:25:32 PM

    In Canada, the old timers play a different game of golf on the pool tables. The Canadian version of golf billiards is played as follows:

    • Each player has his own cue ball and object ball, and he goes around the pool table.
    • To start a hole, the object ball is placed in the middle of the table about 6 inches from the foot rail, the black spot in snooker.
    • Fouls, such as not contacting your object ball, or sinking your object ball in the wrong hole, or sinking your cue ball, count as 3 points.
    • After one player sinks his object ball in the correct hole, the remaining player(s) then take turns trying to get theirs in as well, with the first stroke not counted (e.g. a free one), then others are counted to a maximum of 10 strokes per hole.
    • After 6 holes, the lowest score wins.

    Canadian golf billiards is typically played with snooker balls on larger pool or snooker tables.

  4. Michael TisserandMichael Tisserand from New Orleans, LA on 3/7/2014 12:26:20 PM

    Newspaper accounts from the late 1920s have credited the cartoonist Tad Dorgan with the invention of golf billiards.

  5. Tony StaabTony Staab from IA, United States on 3/9/2018 6:35:32 PM

    I've played Golf-Pool and Golf-Snooker most of my life. Now that I'm retired, we travel and we like to find a game where ever we are.

    Does anyone have a List of Golf/Pool games and places to play?

    If there is any interest, Here's some I've discovered.

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