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Purpleheart BHQ Custom Cue For Sale

Purpleheart BHQ Custom Cue For Sale

I like this cue and I hate to sell it.

It is an all-purpleheart cue with American holly ring work. I really have got to make one of these for myself when I get time. Yeah right, not in this lifetime.

One of the first things people think when they see a short butt-cap like this is that it can come off due to the minimal gluing area, whatever. That isn't going to happen. The black phenolic is sleeved inside the purpleheart about 1.50" all the way to the rings. It will not come off.

UPDATE: Sold to Jim Lilley.

Purpleheart BHQ Custom Cue For Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. BHQdjkx1 on 7/16/2007 9:42:17 PM

    Brent, that is just down right sexy.

    Very nice job!

  2. BHQBishop on 7/17/2007 10:04:48 AM

    I'm starting to like purpleheart more an more.

  3. BHQBHQ on 7/17/2007 11:05:41 AM

    I got some more killer purpleheart just for you...

  4. BHQBishop on 7/17/2007 12:26:20 PM

    I told you I'm grounded for life. Or at least till summer is over. I've been thinking about some Cocobolo with a nice birdeye maple handle and some tulipwood ringwork at A B C D and E.

  5. BHQTerry on 9/4/2009 11:57:11 AM

    How can I get a hold of BHQ custom pool cue?

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Purpleheart BHQ Custom Cue For Sale

  • Title: Purpleheart BHQ Custom Cue For Sale
  • Author: (Brent Hartman)
  • Published: 7/16/2007 6:48:02 PM