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Medici-1 Pool Cue

Medici-1 Pool Cue Logo
  • Cue Name: Medici-1
  • Long Name: Medici 1
  • Cue Full Name: Medici-1 Pool Cue
  • Cue Short Name: MED01
  • Cue Short Description: Medici MED01 Curly Maple with Purple Stain Pool Cue Stick
  • Medici SKU: MED01
  • Medici-1 Pool Cue MSRP: $183
  • Manufacturer or Brand Owner: Meucci
  • Brand Name: Medici, aka Medici Cues
  • Product Line Name: Medici Medici, aka Medici Series
  • Product Line Full Name: Medici Series Cues by Medici Cues
  • Common Abbreviation: Medici "MED" Line
  • Medici Medici 1 Production Date(s): The Medici-1 Pool Cue was produced from around 2007-09-01 to 2009-12-31.

Detailed close-up photo of the Medici MED01 from the Medici line of pool cues.

This Medici cue stick is the *Medici MED01* pool cue. The Medici MED01 model pool cue is part of the Medici Medici Series line of pool cues.

More Pictures of Medici-1 Pool Cue

Medici-1 Pool Cue Pictures (Misc)

A gallery of random photos of the Medici-1 Pool Cue found in the wild, collected over time from the net.

Medici MED01 Pool Cue Sold on eBay 2009-07-24

Photo of a Medici MED01 pool cue for sale on eBay, which sold 2009-07-24 for an unknown amount.

This Medici # 1 pool cue is 18.5 ounces with a 13 mm shaft. It is a very nice cue with very sharp and brilliant colors. This is one of just a few cues left that I am selling for a friend of mine. I'll be very happy to answer most questions about this Medici 01 cue.

Medici-1 Pool Cue Pictures

Medici-1 Pool Cue product images.

Picture of a Medici 1 Pool Cue

This Medici cue stick is the Medici MED01 pool cue. The Medici MED01 model pool cue is part of the Medici Medici Series line of pool cues.

Medici 1 Pool Cue Photo

This Medici cue stick is the Medici MED01 pool cue. The Medici MED01 model pool cue is part of the Medici Medici Series line of pool cues.

Medici-1 Pool Cue for Sale

This was an eBay sale from the past. A medici-1, w/ matching set JPs for 85.00 shipped. Dead straight, excellent condition, adjustable weight system, for butt only.

Medici MED01 Pool Cue with Medici Logo

Photo of a Medici MED01 pool cue showing a close-up of the Medici Logo.

Medici Pool Cue Model MED01

This Medici MED01 cue stick was for sale in the past for $85.

Medici 1 Pool Cue

Photo of a Medici 1 pool cue.

Medici-1 Pool Cue Info

Info on Medici-1 Pool Cue from Medici

The New Medici-1 cue comes standard with a 12 3/4mm hard rock Maple shaft with the famous Meucci Pro Taper and a low deflection ferrule & tip combination.

The butt has a curly maple forearm stained light purple. The joint and buttsleeve are inlaid with deep purple veneer chain, plus rectangular blocks set in an ivory colored field.

The Medici-1 comes with a cream wrap and our Everlock adjustable weight system.

Info on Medici-1 Pool Cue from PoolDawg

If you're looking for a Meucci quality cue but can't quite swing the price tag, this Medici pool stick is the perfect option. World famous cue maker Bob Meucci has designed and engineered the new line of Medici cues drawing upon his family's powerful lineage from 13th century Italy. This affordable, high quality cue features a unique joint and ferrule design allowing for maximum performance with minimum effort. You'll appreciate the softer, more consistent hit and reduced cue ball deflection. The design uses the influence of purple to make a subtle, yet effective statement. A light purple stained Birdseye maple forearm leads to a coated white Irish linen wrap. The sleeve is ivory toned veneer with dark purple veneer rectangles and chain rings.

Medici-1 Pool Cue Specs
Bumper:Flat-Style, Black rubber bumper. Push-in style.
Butt Plate:Composite with Medici Logo
Butt Sleeve:Ivory toned veneer with dark purple veneer chain.
Ferrule:Polycarbonate Low Deflection Ferrule
Forearm:Light purple stained bird's-eye maple.
Joint Collar:Composite
Joint Pin Size:5/16x18
Joint Pin Type:Stainless Steel Pin
Joint Type:Wood to wood
Production Method:Mass Production Cue.
Quantity Produced:Unknown
Rings:Purple rectangle ring designs.
Shaft:Hard rock maple shaft (29" long). Meucci pro taper
Tip Size:12.75mm
Where Manufactured:China (cue factory name unknown, though there is a reference on AZB, thread 193861, saying "Hi-Wo made the Medici-1")
Wrap:Coated white irish linen.

Medici-1 Pool Cue Value

Use this data below as a general guide to value and find out how much a Medici-1 Pool Cue is worth. All priced in USD.

Medici-1 Pool Cue MSRP

Listings showing Medici's MSRP for the Medici-1 Pool Cue over time.

DateMSRP ValueSource
2007-03-02$183.00Medici (via meucci.com)

Medici-1 Pool Cue Retail Prices

Listings showing what the Medici-1 Pool Cue was worth when it was new.

DateRetail PriceSourceLocationAd TitlePhotos
2007-10-25$146.40PoolDawgLafayette, CO USAMedici MED01 Curly Maple with Purple Stain and Purple Chain Rings Pool Cue
2009-03-01$150.00eBay (unknown seller)USANew Medici 1 Pool Cue by Meucci MSRP $183 Great Value

Value of a Medici-1 Pool Cue from Classifieds

Listings showing past asking prices for the Medici-1 Pool Cue found in classified ads such as CraigsList, eBay, etc.

*Values with a line through them means there were no buyers at this price.

DateValueSourceLocationAd TitlePhotos
2009-07-24$150.00eBay (unknown seller)USAMedici #1 Brand New No ReserveGallery
2014-06-01$85.00eBay (unknown seller)USAMedici-1 w/ Matching set of Joint ProtectorsGallery

Medici-1 Pool Cue Identifiers

Officially, the Medici-1 Pool Cue model number is MED01, but it may be seen in the wild listed as any one of the following model numbers or model names:

  • med 01
  • med 1
  • med-01
  • med-1
  • med01
  • med1
  • medici 01
  • medici 1
  • medici med 01
  • medici med 1
  • medici med-01
  • medici med-1
  • medici med01
  • medici med1
  • Medici-01
  • Medici-1
  • Title: Medici-1 Pool Cue
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 5/23/2017 7:48:08 PM

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