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Planning Game Room Size

Planning Game Room Size

Hey everyone i am interested in designing my game room. I am planning on it being in a 14ft by 30ft. My question is will this be to much room or not enough? My main features for the room is TV and sitting area, table for domino or cards, pool table and accessories, bar with bar stools, and of course music. I need some ideas on how to lay everything out.

Planning Game Room Size

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  1. rth1004billiardsforum on 1/24/2009 12:12:25 PM

    Try this tool for visualization...

    Billiard Room Planner Software Dufferin

    You can move things around and stuff.

    Works on Windows XP no problem.

  2. rth1004RMCORP2006 on 2/2/2009 7:12:03 AM

    i would imagine the pool table you get will eat up most the room you have. and i wouldn't get any table larger than an 8ft.

  3. rth10048ball on 2/2/2009 11:14:48 AM

    It's going to be tight. The minimum amount of space around a pool table, if you don't want to be moving chairs, etc. when you shoot, is 5 feet on each side. So a regulation table (4.5 X 9) needs 14.5 ft X 19 ft. You may want to go to a smaller size table, 4 X 8 or 3.5 X 7. It depends on how serious you are about pool. Once you get used to a smaller size table it does takes some adjustment to go out to a billiard place and play on reg size. A smaller table, even 4 X 8, plays differently and I think is easier to play on but they are still a lot of fun. I don't know the level you play at but if you're serious about your game I think a reg size is the way to go. Since your room is only 14 ft wide it's going to be close but since it's only 3 inches short on each side it may work fine. Depends on your stroke. My suggestion - go to a pool hall and place the back of a straight back chair, or some other flat object behind you 4 ft 9 inches from the table. Most pool cues are just under 5 feet so you want to make sure that with a standard size cue and the cue ball tight on the cushion that your (or your friends) backstroke doesn't contact the chair behind you. Good luck.

  4. rth1004JWAmpK on 4/3/2009 3:50:59 AM

    Here is a link http://www.myhotq.com/planner.htm which I used to design my pool room which is located here in this forum at Garage Make-Over Conversion Into Pool Table Room

    Hope it will help.

  5. rth1004William Erby on 7/7/2009 4:03:51 PM

    This is William at freedombilliards dot com and we take care of all your game room needs we will even layout your room to get the most out of it. Our website has been opened for only 3 weeks please take a look and let me know what you think? By Oct. we will carry everything for a family - entertainment room and offer the lowest prices on quality tables cues and accessories.

  6. rth1004Fastfish on 6/16/2014 7:31:15 PM

    Yep, very tight squeeze. 8 footer would only leave you 12' of space for sitting area, but sometimes you gotta make a compromise & I've seen much tighter spaces.

  7. rth1004Craig Feigin on 7/20/2015 2:04:02 AM

    Check out this pretty cool house I am planning to buy in Miami. It has a game room that almost has it all. I really like it specially for parties.

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Planning Game Room Size

  • Title: Planning Game Room Size
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  • Published: 1/24/2009 11:25:42 AM