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Should I buy a Thomas Aaron Pool Table?

Should I buy a Thomas Aaron Pool Table?

I saw a Thomas Aaron pool table at Sears in Jackson, MS and it said that you can either assemble the table yourself or you can get it assembled for you. It has a 1 inch thick Italian slate top and comes with supplies.

My question is: Should I get a Thomas Aaron table or should I avoid it altogether? Are they any good or are not? Please let me know.

Should I buy a Thomas Aaron Pool Table?

Replies & Comments

  1. MrJB1103billiardsforum on 12/18/2011 9:17:35 AM

    There isn't too much information around the internet about Thomas Aaron billiard tables.

    One thing that stood out to me is that the slate is typically sold separately. That seems odd, and I am not sure why they are offered for sale in this format.

    Have you read the 4 or 5 reviews for Thomas Aaron pool tables on Buzzillions?


    Review 1 - Five out of Five Stars

    So I visited rec warehouse and a few other places. Good sales people and they knew their product well. I went to sears and they were not knowledgeable at all about this table and the company that manufactures it. Nonetheless, the table looked better than many of the other more expensive ones that I saw out there and was priced considerably lower. I took the chance and bought it. It arrived in huge boxes. I put it together on my own, and had some help from a friend when it came time for the slate.

    Overall it took about 4 or 5 hours, but I took my time to get it perfect, especially with the slate. I used putty between the slates instead of the wax that came with the table, but had to use almost none as slates aligned up perfectly. After completing the table, I was very impressed by the action on the table and the bumpers. Overall, a great table so far. I've only had it about month, but so far great. There is nothing that I know of that all the more expensive tables have over this one.

    P.s. Sears, how about training your sales people on the specifics of this table. Also, if your going to sell the table and advertise the additional cloth colors, then have them available. Sales person told me they don't sell them. One last note, I called company to buy an extra cloth and Thomas called back the same day that I left the message. Very friendly and advised me to call them if I have any problems with the table.

    Review 2 - One out of Five Stars

    I have been calling Thomas Aaron for the past MONTH and left DOZENS of messages for ANYBODY to call me back about a new Thomas Aaron pool table that was recently installed and needed SERVICE. NO RESPONSE!

    Review 3 - Five out of Five Stars

    I highly recommend this table. After purchasing a MDF table at sears and having it warp, sears allowed me to return it and upgrade to this. This table is great and levels nicely. Do NOT buy an MDF table, u will be wasting your money. This table can be put together without hiring someone. You will need two strong adults and the company provides a dvd to show you how.

    Overall no complaints so far, I have had it since January. It is a great table for the $ especially if u want slate...

    Enjoy if you take the plunge.

    Review 4 - Five out of Five Stars

    This table was a Christmas gift for the family. We received it in a timely fashion, and the set up was so easy. The table felt was the best part. Everyone that has seen this table thinks we paid big bucks, but we know the truth. LOVE IT!

    Let us know what you end up deciding.

  2. MrJB1103rsqr12 on 11/1/2012 2:12:05 PM

    I recently bough a Thomas Aaron Heritage pool table (just the table). I now have to look for and purchase the Slate. I did not do my home work. Since then i have found out that the company is not in business anymore. I have checked Sears and Costco (used to carry this model) but they don't any more. So now I have a table with no top. Great. Does anybody know where i can locate the slate- any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. MrJB1103user1553218449 on 3/21/2019 6:34:10 PM

    I have a friend looking to sell a Thomas Aaron pool table in St.Pete, FL.

    I don't know anything about them and am looking for some advice on how much Thomas Aaron pool tables are worth.

    It is Thomas Aaron pool table model VT213. Does anyone know this model number?

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Should I buy a Thomas Aaron Pool Table?

  • Title: Should I buy a Thomas Aaron Pool Table?
  • Author: (Jay Boyle)
  • Published: 12/17/2011 9:54:33 PM