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CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson NV

CusZoom was a direct-to-consumer retailer of pool tables from around 2009 to 2014. Their website read as though they owned pool table manufacturing facilities in the USA. They did not.

The owner, Franca Campanella was involved in a previous pool table company where many customers were scammed called Campran Pool Tables. See the warnings and info on that page for more details.

CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson NV

CusZoom Pool Tables Address

CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson Logo Franca Campanella

**No Public Physical Location**
Henderson, NV 89077-8296 USA
  • Clark County
  • Timezone: PST
CusZoom Pool Tables of Henderson, NV is part of the Franca Campanella franchise/group of companies. Other nearby Franca Campanella locations include:

Alternate Names

  • CusZoom Custom Designed Pool Tables & More
  • CusZoom

Contact CusZoom Pool Tables

Reach CusZoom Pool Tables using the contact info below:

CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson Phone Number

  • (888) 236-8009 (CusZoom Pool Tables Phone Number)
  • (702) 988-9492 (CusZoom Pool Tables Contact Phone)

CusZoom Pool Tables Website

  • http://www.cuszoom.com


  • customerservice@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Customer Service Email)
  • sales@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Sales Department Email)
  • marketing@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Marketing Department Email)
  • financing@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Financing Department Email)
  • warranty@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Warranty Department Email)
  • webmaster@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Website Support Email)
  • sales@cuszoom.com (CusZoom Sales Department Email)
  • info@cuszoom.com (Misc Cuszoom Contact Email)

CusZoom Pool Tables BBB

  • https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/henderson/profile/billiard-supplies/cuszoom-pool-tables-1086-81798

Logos for CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson, NV

Trademarks and Logos for CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson, NV, including past and current designs.

CusZoom Pool Tables Logo, Henderson, NV

A logo from CusZoom Pool Tables in Henderson, NV.

Marketing Materials from CusZoom Pool Tables of Henderson, NV

Past marketing materials, advertisements, and flyers by CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson, NV.

CusZoom Pool Tables Comparison Chart

A comparison chart comparing CusZoom pool tables against those from other online pool table retailers of the era. The CusZoom website explained it as follows: Below you can view a chart to see how exactly we stack up to our competitors. As you can see, we are leading pool table company on the internet. We offer the best quality for the best price and we value our customer. If you have any questions about how we compare, do not hesitate to contact us, our friendly customer staff is always here to help.

CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson - Store Info

CusZoom is America's #1 supplier of slate billiard tables which are crafted to meet all tournament specifications of the Billiard Congress of America. The pool tables offered by CusZoom are premium-quality billiard tables which are designed for upscale homes and commercial establishments requiring high-style and high-durability pool tables meeting all tournament requirements.

If you're looking for a local pool table store, you just found us! Unlike traditional local billiard stores, the CusZoom website allows anyone to purchase CusZoomly from the factory at substantial savings. By targeting the national market, utilizing efficient, centrally-located distribution facilties, and only offering high-end pool tables, CusZoom is able to save pool table shoppers an average of $1000-$4000. In some cases, the savings can be even more dramatic. For example, The Manhattan usually sells for over $5000 in traditional pool table stores, but can now be purchased for under $3000 by purchasing from CusZoom.

Many people ask us, "How are you able to serve the entire United States?". The key to our success is through our powerful shipping contracts and our exclusive nationwide network of certified billiard mechanics. While many companies were satisfied with simply dropping a pool table off on their customers doorstep, we decided to offer a premium "white glove" delivery service and the option for a professional in-home pool table installation. When you combine these conveniences with the lowest prices for high quality pool tables, it becomes clear why CusZoom is America's #1 pool table supplier and we look forward to earning your business!

Made in the USA

Our tables are made in the USA by skilled American craftsmen, and now you can also expedite your order and receive your order in 3 - 5 weeks!

Expedite Your Order!

This option allows you to receive your order in 3 - 5 weeks!! No waiting 10 - 14 weeks, your table will be delivered directly to you and installed if you wish within 3 - 5 weeks! The tables will be manufactured to your exact specifications in 1/3 of the time. With this option you must choose the upgraded felt, the felt will be shipped to you in the first week and your pool table will arrive a few weeks later. Please choose this option if you are in a hurry to get your new pool table!

CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson Business Information

Entity ID E0027022007-4
Entity Legal Name CUSZOOM LLC
Entity US State of Registration NV
Date Registered 1/10/2007
Entity Status Dissolved
Business Type Domestic Limited-Liability Company
Date of Last Data Refresh 11/30/2020
Date Dissolved 8/7/2008
Nevada Business ID NV20071600044
Entity ID E0065512009-1
Entity Legal Name World Trading Online LLC
Entity US State of Registration NV
Date Registered 6/12/2006
Entity Status Revoked
Business Type Domestic Limited-Liability Company
Date of Last Data Refresh 11/30/2020
Nevada Business ID NV20091236222

CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson Employees

Franca CampanellaOwner, CusZoom
Joanne WrightnourCustomer Service, CusZoom.com

Key Dates

  • CusZoom Pool Tables Henderson was founded on 2009-02-09


  • Billiard Supplies


  • Pool Table Sales Dealers
  • Online Business Only
  • Corporate Office
  • Location Not Open to Public

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