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Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas NV

Campran was an importer of China-made pool tables in the early 2000s. Their website read as though they were the manufacturers. They were not.

The owner, Franca Campanella, scammed many customers, and has since opened up other direct-to-consumer pool table companies under different names, like CusZoom Pool Tables, World Tranzaction Industries, LLC, and World Trading Online LLC.

In late 2006, they closed up shop and told customers that all deposits, funds, and assets had been "embezzled" by their Chinese manufacturing partners.

This was the letter they had sent to customers who paid deposits but had not yet received their pool tables:

Dear *,

We regret to inform you that Campran is unable to deliver your order due to catastrophic embezzlement of substantially all of Campran's funds and assets. The funds embezzled had been sent to China over the past several months to pay our Chinese manufacturer of the pool tables, Casino sets, and dining sets. The money and assets stolen by the Chinese embezzler(s) would be enough to compensate fully all of Campran's customers and creditors.

Since its formation Campran has used all available funds for operations, inventory, and manufacturing. As a result of the theft of substantially all of our funds and assets, Campran had no choice but to lay off all employees, and suspend all operational and commercial activities.

We are in the process of filing embezzlement reports with the appropriate law enforcement agencies to pursue recovery of the embezzled funds and assets. If we are able to recover some or all of the embezzled funds and assets, Campran will distribute them among its customers with unfulfilled orders and creditors, as prescribed by legal counsel.

Since its inception on May, 2003, Campran delivered to over 2,500 satisfied customers quality pool tables and auxiliary products. We only wish that we could have continued and added you as well to that satisfied customer group.

With deep regrets for this turn of events and hopes for a meaningful recovery,

A Nevada Corporation

They left many customers without their pool tables and without the money they paid to Campran.

Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas NV

Campran Pool Tables Address

Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas Logo Franca Campanella

**No Public Physical Location**
Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA
  • Clark County
  • Timezone: PST
Campran Pool Tables of Las Vegas, NV is part of the Franca Campanella franchise/group of companies. Other nearby Franca Campanella locations include:

Alternate Names

  • Campran
  • Campran Pool Table Sales
  • CAMPRAN Quality Pool Tables
  • Camran

Contact Campran Pool Tables

Reach Campran Pool Tables using the contact info below:

Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas Phone Number

  • (888) 279-2308 (Campran Sales Phone Number)
  • (702) 407-1275 (Campran Customer Service Contact Phone Number)

Campran Pool Tables Website

  • http://www.campran.com


  • customerservice@campran.com (Campran Customer Service Email)

Logo for Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas, NV

Trademarks and Logos for Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas, NV, including past and current designs.

Campran Pool Tables Logo, Las Vegas, NV

A logo from Campran Pool Tables in Las Vegas, NV.

Campran Billiard Tables Logo, Las Vegas, NV

A logo from Campran Pool Tables of Las Vegas, NV.

Older Campran Pool Tables Logo, Las Vegas, NV

An older logo from Campran Pool Tables in Las Vegas, NV.

Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas - Store Info

Campran is a direct to consumer seller of custom billiard tables, dining billiard tables, poker pool tables, and billiard casino tables. All products are fully customizable.

Campran offers a selection of low cost, high quality, customizable pool tables, billiards, poker, and dining tables at factory direct prices. Campran is the affordable choice. Buy Campran pool tables today.

Campran Pool Table Sales - News Releases

Billiard Manufacturer Campran Introduces Third Generation Table Upgrades

Las Vegas, NV, United States, 2006/12/08 - Campran, a direct to consumer manufacturer of custom billiard products, announced today their new generation three Levello28 pool table upgrades.

Ironically, in leveling the playing surface of their new generation three Levello28 pool table, Campran has leveled the playing field of the competition. Campran, a manufacturer of quality pool tables and poker, casino, and dining top sets, announced today that their new pool table construction design not only equals or surpasses the construction design of their Internet competitors in durability and longevity guaranteeing a level playing surface but, also, at a much lower price point.

For years, Campran (campran.com) has undersold their Internet competition with the lowest price point for a quality 3-piece, 1" thick slate, custom, pool table resplendent in furniture grade hardwood cabinetry and gleaming with a high gloss, grand piano finish. For years, the competition has claimed that their tables are superior, which is why they demand much higher prices. Campran, adopting improved construction techniques in their latest, third generation pool table with a pre-assembled, leveled cabinet and state of the art, solid hardwood brackets that assure a stronger, more stable, and perfectly squared pool table, has silenced their competition by offering a pool table that equals or betters the pool tables of others while maintaining price points much lower than that of the competition.

"Our base cabinet is supported by two center beams and two interlocking cross beams that are attached to the cabinet by U shaped, interlocking solid hardwood brackets, which reduces the pressure of the slate on the cabinet and increases the longevity of the table," said Tauri Royce, marketing manager for Campran. "The legs of the pool table are attached with hardwood brackets that extend with hardwood leg posts to the top of the cabinet providing full table weight support, which ensures no shifting and/or tilting of the cabinet and/or slate while maintaining a perfectly leveled and squared playing surface."

"We will match the lowest available product prices on competitive vendor websites for comparable quality products delivered to the home," said Franca Campanella, the President of Campran.

"Whether buying a car or a coat, consumers buy by price point but they want quality, too. We guarantee the lowest price, the highest quality, and offer the consumer custom design choices not offered anywhere in a pool table at this price," said Franca. "Unlike other pool table manufacturers who offer a product line that differs only in the wood finish of oak or cherry and with green or red cloth, we make our tables to order based on the customers' specifications, not ours. With more than 2.2 million possible custom design choices in 5', 6', 7', 8' or 9' three-piece 1" thick slate beds, you can completely customize your pool table anyway you like."

Campran Pool Tables vs. Others

With Campran pool tables you get:

  • 25 Year Experience in constructing pool tables
  • Customize you very own table, built to your exact specifications
  • Quality Made - 100% Solid High Quality Hardwood
  • Campran Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent Customer Support-Live Support, voicemail, email

Pool tables in the same price range from other companies might use veneers and particle board, and may not offer the ability to fully customize your design like you can with Campran pool tables.

Construction Quality

Campran's construction and quality is superb. We use a center beam to keep the cabinet square and true forever. These beams are contiguous end-to-end and interlock the cross members. This method of construction prevents warping, twisting, and collapsibility of the pool table. These beams are mortised or cut into the cabinet wall and screwed through the other side.

Pool tables from other retailers utilize one center beam (not solid end-to-end) and metal-bracketed together. There is no interlocking strength and support. These beams are metal-bracketed to the walls of the frame (not mortised). The metal brackets have a tendency to bend, causing the frame to twist. The wood used to construct the Other tables is not cured properly, causing splitting and cracking. These replacement parts are impossible to get.

Slate Foundation

Campran pool tables feature vibration free advanced technology 1 1/8" Thickness Slate (Patent Pending). We are the only pool table company in the market with a 1 1/8" slate. We use matched 3 pieces of oversized 1 1/8" (28mm) advanced technology purest slate to achieve a vibration harmonics free and absolutely level playing surface. Our slates are precision diamond honed to 1/1000 of an inch for a perfect playing surface that exceeds BCA specifications. Our solid core slate liner is laminated, milled and precision cut to exact tolerances to ensure a true level, a quiet game, and a clean felt installation. Our slate is guaranteed for a lifetime of perfect ball rolling.

In regards to our competitor's slate beds, other tables are constructed in one of two ways. Most tables have no slate bed at all and the slate lays directly on the four-sided frame or cabinet. If the pool table has a slate bed, it is sections of wood laid on top of the frame. When there are temperature and moisture changes within the environment, these sections of wood expand and contract. The movement of this wood causes the slate to move or lift and become un-leveled. This is prime example of repeated customer service calls and continual service work.

Leg Construction

Campran pool table legs are hand carved from solid hardwood. The solid hardwood leg mounts are rock solid, with solid steel corner brackets, steel bolts, and over-sized, mortised leg connecting stop block timbers. They have uncompromising strength and rigidity and are easily assembled.

When looking at our competitor's pool tables, we can see that the cabinet construction is not mortised or recessed and the legs are either secured by wood pieces simply screwed into the legs and frame. Since wood often expands and contracts with temperature changes, this results in instability.

Rails and Cushions

Campran pool tables use BCA Approved K-66 profile cushions. The Accurate Ball Control K-66 profile cushions are tournament grade cushions formulated to respond consistently to ball momentum with dynamic accuracy. They are made from 100% natural gum rubber.

The cushions are the most critical aspect of the rail system. In order for a pool table to be tournament-approved, the Billiard Congress of America requires the following:

Rubber cushions should be triangular in shape and molded with conventional K-66 profile with a base height of 1 3/16" and a nose height of 1", with control fabric molded to the top and base area of the cushion.

Our pool tables also feature solid hardwood sub-rails. We use solid wood sub rails which allow for the most accurate rebound when compared to the particle board used by other manufacturers.

Our competitor's pool tables have been known to have stabilizers and fillers added to the cushions. Adding stabilizers and fillers to rubber causes a change in the chemical composition and as a result, the rubber becomes either too hard or cement-like or too soft. In either case, there is improper action on the cushion, thus resulting in poor playability.

The Campran Difference - What Sets Us Apart

The LEVELLO28™ billiard table is a quality pool table from Campran that is customized to your exact specifications and designed to fit your budget - We offer the best service - offered at the lowest price for all hardwood tables offered on the web. Advanced technology 1 1/8" slate is the best in the industry. Each table is hand made, one of a kind, comes in a piano finish with its own unique serial number on an elegant brass plate prominently displayed, a collector's item. Delivered right to your door!

Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas Business Information

Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas Employees

Franca CampanellaOwner, Campran
Tauri RoyceMarketing Manager, Affiliate Account Manager, Campran Pool Table Salestauri@campran.com

Key Dates

  • Campran Pool Tables Las Vegas was founded on 2003-05-01


  • Billiard Supplies


  • Pool Table Sales Dealers
  • Online Business Only
  • Corporate Office
  • Location Not Open to Public

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