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Billiard Instruction Video for Fundamentals

Billiard Instruction Video for Fundamentals

I want to purchase some video instruction demonstrating good pool playing fundamentals and core billiard techniques.

What, if any, instructional DVDs would you recommend?

Billiard Instruction Video for Fundamentals

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  1. jrlclbilliardsforum on 11/5/2006 12:11:16 PM

    Hello, and thanks for the question about beginner billiard instruction video.

    I'd say, and most would agree with me, that anything by Robert Byrne is going to be extremely helpful if you put his ideas in to practice. Here are his two beginner billiard instructional videos.

    Check out his videos here: Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video

    Byrne is considered an authority on billiards, and he has the ability to communicate it well. He also has some very popular books out for beginners.

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    Hope this helps.

  2. jrlcljrlcl on 11/6/2006 12:09:55 PM

    Thanks, @billiardsforum, I will do both. I appreciate the info.

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Billiard Instruction Video for Fundamentals

  • Title: Billiard Instruction Video for Fundamentals
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/4/2006 10:38:56 AM