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Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video

Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video

There are quite a few billiard tutorial and instructional videos available, but few are as sought after as Robert Byrne's Beginner series: Standard Video of Pool & Billiards. There are several volumes available for beginner billiard instruction, and both have incredible reviews. One review even indicated that Byrne's instructional billiard video helped teach his grandmother how to play billiards.

Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video

Robert Byrne's instructional billiards series comes in two parts; "Standard Video of Pool & Billiards 1" and "Standard Video of Pool & Billiards 2" and are available individualy or as a set.

Volume IVolume II
Order from Amazon.com
Order from Amazon.com

Vol 1 includes a step by step guide from basic to advanced techniques. Never before have the secrets of the game been so clearly explained. Here is everything you need to know about pool, from essential fundamentals to subtle winning technique. Acclaimed teacher Robert Byrne shows you how to pocket balls and position the cue ball better than you thought you ever could. Volume 1 Includes: The cue, the tip, the stance, the grip, the bridge, the rake, the classic stroke, aiming, bank shots, center ball positions, the stop shot, the follow shot, draw, English, break shots

Vol 2 includes expert techniques for the advanced player in the second volume of his acclaimed series. Robert Byrne covers the sophisticated skills that experts use. Each aspect is analyzed and demonstrated, with computer-generated graphics and frequent reviews to make everything crystal clear. If you have mastered the basic elements of the game, this video will teach you to play like a professional, and even professionals will learn something new from Robert Byrne. Volume 2 Includes: follow, draw, stop and stun with side spin, the tangent line, stop, follow and draw at an angle, zone, line and angle position, stun run-through, rail, carom, jump, masse, and curve shots.

Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video

  • Title: Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 11/5/2006 11:29:34 AM
  • Source: Robert Byrne

Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video

The Robert Byrne Instructional Billiard Video article belongs to the Billiard Fundamentals and Basics category. Pool playing tips for the beginner. Get started with these fundamental billiard drills

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