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8 Ball Debate

8 Ball Debate

Last night I was playing 8 ball in a local bar here in Japan. I was down to just the six ball left in the center of the table and the eight ball sitting just outside of the right corner pocket. My opponent was on the eight ball. It was my shot and I snuck the six ball past the eight and into the pocket. The cue ball then banked off the pocket corner and knocked in the eight ball into the same pocket. Does this constitute a loss game for me? Since the game was for money arguments got pretty heated between my friends and the friends of my opponent (ironically neither him nor I were really too concerned about it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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8 Ball Debate

Replies & Comments

  1. sprhromn55billiardsforum on 1/26/2008 10:20:48 AM

    It sounds quite like the second part of your shot was not intentional, and happened as a result of a fluke.

    Were you playing a "call shot" version of eight ball?

  2. sprhromn55guest on 1/28/2008 2:22:34 PM

    World Standardized Rules (and all house rules in my experience), you lost.

    After the break, ANYTIME the shooter causes the 8-ball to leave the playing surface without being a separate, correctly called shot after sinking your group, it is a loss.

    The only special condition I can think of is if the 8-ball was balanced on the edge of the pocket for at least 5 seconds, then falls due to someone bumping the table, a large woman walking by, or any other reason. In that case, it is returned as close as possible to where it was before it fell.

    • Ben
  3. sprhromn55tedmauro on 2/29/2008 2:56:56 AM

    Sorry, Loss of game by all 8 ball rules known to me.

  4. sprhromn55treehumper on 3/4/2008 4:43:25 PM

    Loss of Game

    A player loses the game of 8 Ball by committing any of the following infractions:

    1. Fouls when pocketing the 8-ball (exception: see "8-Ball Pocketed On The Break" above). 2. Pockets the 8-ball on the same stroke as the last of his group of balls.
    2. Jumps the 8-ball off the table at any time.
    3. Pockets the 8-ball in a pocket other than the one designated.
    4. Pockets the 8-ball when it is not the legal object ball.

    All infractions must be called by the opposing player before another shot is taken. Otherwise it will be deemed that no infraction occurred.

    This is from the rules section of this site.

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8 Ball Debate

  • Title: 8 Ball Debate
  • Author: (Sean Donovan)
  • Published: 1/26/2008 2:43:07 AM