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Chief Operations Officer at Founding Brothers LLC.
TX United States

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About Me

Founding Brothers is your supplier of 100% American made wood accessories for your gameroom needs. We build products to satisfy your home gameroom, league players, or players who just love billiard gadgets!

We offer an extensive line of exotic wooden pocket chalkers, exotic wooden cue scuffers, wood traveling bridgeheads, exotic wood cue rests, and that is just the tip of the iceberg with Founding Brothers accessories.

Every Founding Brothers product is unique in design and wood species. Every pocket chalker, cue scuffer, and bridgehead we create are made by our craftsman one at a time so each piece will have it's own individual qualities and no two pieces are ever the same. If there is a design or a wood that you prefer, we will make every effort to create the piece to your satisfaction. Please understand that all exotic wood pieces will have their own personality, wood figuring, and striations.

Have something you would love to see in an exotic species of wood for your cue case or gameroom? Contact us via email and we will build it custom just for you. Founding Brothers takes pride in building all of our items in the United States and will never import any of our pieces.

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