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Free Download of Billiards Screen Savers

Free Download of Billiards Screen Savers

I've just added seven pool/table billiards screen savers to my web site:


Among them are:

  • Girls & Tables 1 (a set of 33 pictures & graphics of girls, cues and tables that you will never see in real life.)
  • Girls & Tables 2 (another set of 33 pictures & graphics to place on your computer screen when you aren't using it.)
  • B&W - artistic post-modern style (21 black and white photographs & designs.)
  • B&W - old photographs (21 photographs of old timey players, including a couple with Mark Twain.)
  • Pool balls - artistic pictures 1 (27 interesting and clever presentations of pool balls. Some are great art and several are low art.)
  • Pool balls - artistic pictures 2 (32 additional interesting and clever pool ball renditions.)
  • Pool balls 1 through 15 (15 giant size pool balls presented in sequence with animations and swirlies.)

If you use a screen saver on your computer monitor, it can be replaced with a pool-related one. You can download these to a folder, test them out, and install whichever one you like. Follow the instructions on the page.

Let me know your favorite(s).

Free Download of Billiards Screen Savers

Replies & Comments

  1. allanpsandquickshot on 1/29/2009 4:41:43 PM

    This topic belongs in the following: General Pool and Billiards Discussion General disucssion relating to billiards, pool, or snooker that doesn't fit in any other categories.

    I think?

  2. allanpsandbilliardsforum on 1/31/2009 7:27:55 AM

    Hey Allan and welcome back to the forum. (And thanks for advertising with us in 2008) I moved this to the classifieds forum, since essentially it's a sales ad. (Which we normally don't allow at all - but since it's free screen savers.)

    Also, I noticed that you posted a few times in a few different forums. We generally don't allow that either, so I deleted all but this one.

    I hope your 2008 holiday sales season treated you well.

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Free Download of Billiards Screen Savers

  • Title: Free Download of Billiards Screen Savers
  • Author: (Allan Sand)
  • Published: 1/29/2009 10:33:29 AM