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How to Play Cricket on a Snooker Table

This set of rules focuses on how to play cricket on a snooker table in your games room.

One of the latest crazes to flow into the lives of billiard fanatics is playing cricket in your games room. There are different types of billiard games, but this puts a new spin on things and for most part, it is a rather intriguing method of playing.

If you're looking to get started, these cricket tips will tell you everything you need to know about this latest sensation. Whether you love cricket or love billiards, this crazy combination is bound to grip your attention, it certainly gripped ours!

Cricket Snooker Rules - How It Works

Players are given the option of playing over two frames or four, once this has been determined it’s onto the basics of the game. Now where the similarities lie between these two games has been determined by the interesting rule that there is a batsman and a bowler, as there is in cricket.

The rule follows that the player who is batting takes colours only and scores exactly as they would in billiards. This immediately simplifies the game for those familiar with the table game, snooker or otherwise known as billiards, while those that aren’t would need to brush up on the basics of billiards.

The rules for the bowler are different and the player playing in that position would only score on the reds alone and when all the reds have been pocketed, the frame is over and the scores are tallied. Once the scores are taken from both the batsman and the bowler and everything has been recorded, the table is reset and the players change roles.

There is a handicap option in this variant of cricket billiards and this is accomplished by limiting the player acting as a batsman to two repetitive pockets scored on a spotted ball. This ups the stakes which is ideal for players seeking a thrilling gaming experience unique to cricket snooker.

Snooker champions have been known to have dabbled in the game and for some it has stuck while others prefer either cricket or billiards.

Breaking Down the Rules of Cricket Billiards

There aren’t many rules and understanding how this works is a simple enough task. All you need is:

  1. A basic understanding of cricket and snooker
  2. A snooker table, and set of snooker balls
  3. Two players

There are a total of 22 balls in the billiards set and is used to play cricket. The game is set up with 21 balls in the triangle and one used to break the set and hit balls into the pocket. A total of 6 snooker balls are placed anywhere within the triangle’s centre and 15 red balls completely surrounding the colours.

The bowler will then break the triangle and at least 2 object balls must make contact with the sides of the table. The bowler is always on the red coloured balls, making this easy enough to remember. So should the bowler touch a coloured ball, he would then have caused a foul costing him points.

Naturally, the batsman is always on colours and as a result, should he hit a red ball, the necessary points are blackened against the batsman and score is then tallied again. Here comes the gold just like the matches in snooker history, should the batsman cause a foul, the bowler will then be able to remove any red ball on the table, of his choice.

The value of the balls in cricket are the same as they would be in snooker, again, making it an easy rule to remember for those new to cricket.

So why not turn your room into a cricket pitch and play this enthralling game to recreate cricket!

How to Play Cricket on a Snooker Table

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How to Play How to Play Cricket on a Snooker Table

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How to Play Cricket on a Snooker Table

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