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Cue and Rake Usage Rules in Snooker

Cue and Rake Usage Rules in Snooker

I have two questions about snooker rules for the use of the rake and the cue in general:

  1. Are you allowed to use the cue stick in either hand or do you have to use one or the other depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed?
  2. Is the use of a rake to rest the cue stick on legal?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Cue and Rake Usage Rules in Snooker

Replies & Comments

  1. French Dougbilliardsforum on 4/11/2019 5:38:03 PM


    1. You can use the snooker cue left-handed or right-handed whenever you wish.
    2. Yes, rakes are allowed, and are typically available as part of the snooker equipment normally found at the table. Per the WPBSA official snooker rules section on equipment (emphasis ours):

      Section 1 - Equipment


      4. Ancillary

      Various cue rests, long cues (called butts and half-butts according to length), extensions and adaptors may be used by players faced with difficult positions for cueing. These may form part of the equipment normally found at the table but also include equipment introduced by either player or the referee (see also Section 3 Rule 18). All extensions, adaptors and other devices to aid cueing must be of a design approved by the WPBSA Ltd.

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Cue and Rake Usage Rules in Snooker

  • Title: Cue and Rake Usage Rules in Snooker
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  • Published: 1/10/2012 3:49:50 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/11/2019 5:31:05 PM
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