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Where to Sell an Antique H. Wagner and Adler Pool Table

Where to Sell an Antique H. Wagner and Adler Pool Table

I have a 5' x 9' H. Wagner and Adler pool table in excellent shape in North Carolina which I am trying to sell.

It was purchased by my grandfather from the company in 1925. Leather ball pockets were added 20 years ago. It is walnut wood with square legs.

Would anybody know where I can sell an antique pool table like this?








Where to Sell an Antique H. Wagner and Adler Pool Table

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  1. user1507738680billiardsforum on 10/11/2017 7:11:15 PM

    It is a beauty.

    I will give you the summary of what you can expect when selling an antique billiard table:

    It will be hard to liquidate - you have to find the right buyer, and shipping is out of the question.

    Several factors to consider when selling (or deciding to sell) an anitque pool table.

    • The Market - the market for these things is very soft. The financial hard times of the past 10 years has led to tens of thousands of people selling their antique pool tables (for rock bottom prices) to generate funds. Sometimes people were downsizing, and giving them away free, if the buyer paid tear-down and transport costs. There is an abundance on the supply side. Never good for the seller. Now, read all further factors keeping in mind this first factor.
    • The Condition - For someone to pay top dollar for this it would have to be in near-mint condition or have been restored already. Anyone wanting this table for anything more than just to "have a pool table" would want it in restored condition. The buyer would be looking at a few grand, at least, to restore it properly.
    • Tear-down, moving, and set-up costs - The buyer will need to find one (sometimes two) antique pool table specialists to handle tear-down, the move, and set up on the other end. For someone quality - and depending on the distance, the buyer is looking at another $800 to potentially $1600 or more. Here is one guy's experience with moving an old Antique Brunswick pool table (though his case would be at the higher end you would expect):

      You'll need to hire two sets of pool table techs - one at the originating end to take it apart and package it correctly, and one at the receiving end to put it back together, level it, beeswax the slate seams, and re-felt it. You will also need a specialist moving company that can handle the packaging and transportation of large, heavy, yet delicate pieces of slate that make up the pool table bed. Further adding to the difficulty is actually FINDING a tech on the recipient's side who can handle a 3/4 inch 1-piece slate table, as apparently most modern tables are wood pieces with a thin single piece of slate on top. There was literally one guy in my area who knew how to re-level and re-seam my 3-piece 3/4" slate table after moving it across the country, and he brought two other guys with him to learn how since they don't see them often. I think the move on my table cost almost $2000 all told, including the final setup at my house.

    • Finding a buyer - Finding a buyer looking for a specific antique pool table is not as easy as finding a buyer for any standard modern pool table. It will take far longer unless you let the table go for almost nothing.

    The sad reality is that, unless the table is already immaculate (or immaculately restored), or an especially rare and sought-after brand/model (which I wouldn't say yours is), then you will likely have trouble finding a buyer at a price one would hope to get for a nice piece of antique furniture like this.

    That said, you might luck out and find someone really interested in your local area. It does happen. It's a very old table, with original balls (as far as I can tell) and I wouldn't move on it until I understood the market better e.g. watch eBay etc. to find comparables, etc.

    Bottom line is - the more time you have to hold on to it while you find an interested buyer, the better. If you need to unload it quickly, you may have to practically give it away.

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Where to Sell an Antique H. Wagner and Adler Pool Table

  • Title: Where to Sell an Antique H. Wagner and Adler Pool Table
  • Author: (Ben Rudisill)
  • Published: 10/11/2017 12:18:01 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/11/2017 8:35:56 PM
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