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Victoria Pool Table Brand?

Victoria Pool Table Brand?

I stumbled over a craigslist ad for a "Victoria Billiard Table" but I have never heard of this brand before. Anyone ever heard of them?

Victoria Pool Table Brand?

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  1. JohninTennesseebilliardsforum on 1/3/2008 5:21:45 AM

    I four references to a Victoria pool table but not sure if they are the same as the one you are talking about.

    Victoria Pool Table by Primo Craft Home Furnishings Primo Craft Home Furnishings had a pool table model called the "Victoria". It has since been discontinued.

    Victoria Pool Table by Steve Mizerak Mizerak Pool Table - Victoria - 3.5' x 7' Pool Table. Includes 3/4 inch slatron play bed.


    Presidential Billiards - Victoria Pool Table The Victoria pool table by Presidential Billiards features beautifully arched legs flowing into the cabinet to give the Victoria a unique silhouette. Available in a rich espresso finish.

    Victoria Pool Table by Centric Enterprises Limited The Victoria is a French inspired design. The slightly tapered legs and simple single arch gives the table a simple elegance and enchantment. Dining table top is available. Available in 7’, 8’, 9’

    Pool Tables by Victoria Sports Co. There is an India based manufacturer and importer of billiard equipment. They have a line of pocket billiard tables.

    A Victoria table is more than mere wood and slate. By paying attention to the details - the hidden differences - Victoria tables have become known name as masterpieces of original design and craftmanship, and most prestigious name in billiards. These tables, available in two sizes 9' X 4.5' and 8' X 4', are made of frames with selected good quality solid wood and finely crafted rose wood legs with Mahagony polish. Slate Beds used are either Indian Bangalore Black Slate or Imported Slate. Slates are covered with worsted wool cloth optionally from Jupiter (China) or Strachan (West of England cloth, U.K.) to have proper speed, accuracy and responsiveness of the table to spin. Chrome nuts and adjusters are used for leveling. It is surrounded with standard imported vulcanized 'L' shaped or 'V' shaped rubber cushions or Northern Cushions (Made in England) to cause billiard balls to rebound while minimizing the lose of kinetic energy.


    • VS-20B / VS-20C - Victoria Sports VS-20B Pool Table / Victoria Sports VS-20C Pool Table
    • VS-23B / VS-23C - Victoria Sports VS-23B Pool Table / Victoria Sports VS-23C Pool Table
    • VS-9 - Victoria Sports VS-9 Pool Table
    • VS-7 - Victoria Sports VS-7 Pool Table
    • VS-8/Light Oak - Victoria Sports VS-8 Pool Table in Light Oak
    • VS-10 - Victoria Sports VS-10 Pool Table
    • VS-11 - Victoria Sports VS-11 Pool Table
    • VS-12 - Victoria Sports VS-12 Pool Table
    • VS-13 - Victoria Sports VS-12 Pool Table
  2. JohninTennesseeuser1503430612 on 8/22/2017 3:36:53 PM

    I have a Victoria pool table and I have a buyer if I can establish if it is a one piece slate table? I purchased it in Lansing Michigan a few years ago. It is a gorgeous table, but the only label just says Victoria Home Furnishings?

  3. JohninTennesseebilliardsforum on 8/28/2017 6:21:40 AM

    Sometimes you can see the exposed slate from underneath the pool table but I am sure you would have looked there already.

    Can you post a couple photos of the pool table? Underneath, as well as a side-on photo and a photo of the label.

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Victoria Pool Table Brand?

  • Title: Victoria Pool Table Brand?
  • Author: (John Duke)
  • Published: 12/13/2007 4:16:35 PM