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Minimum Room Size for a 4x8 Pool Table

Minimum Room Size for a 4x8 Pool Table

What is the minimum room size required for a 4x8 foot pool table?

I am looking to use this information to figure out the room size needed for three 8 foot pool tables.

How much space would I need for the three 4x8 pool tables, seating for 12 people, plus minimal additional pool related storage space?

How big of a room, in dimensions, would we need to have?

Minimum Room Size for a 4x8 Pool Table

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  1. Nancy GellerMack on 7/25/2009 10:44:26 AM

    The very least room needed to walk around a table and shoot would be five feet per side. Adding the table dimensions could make it 14' X 18'. We just completed a sun room that is 14' X 20'. We filled the room with a large round eating table that will seat the 9 that is in our extended family. In addition to the table and chairs I added a wicker set including; couch, love seat, and big wicker chair.

    All total enough cosy room for fifteen. A new porch is coming next that will be 20' X 20' with a game room below for the pool table and seating.

    Hope that helps you judge your needs.

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Minimum Room Size for a 4x8 Pool Table

  • Title: Minimum Room Size for a 4x8 Pool Table
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  • Published: 7/8/2009 1:30:31 PM
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