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How to Sell a "Dakota Classic" Granite Pool Table

How to Sell a "Dakota Classic" Granite Pool Table

I own a "Dakota Classic" granite pool table. My dad sold monuments and bought two from the quarry about 1970. My parents built a room on our home and we (dad, my two brothers and I) put it together perfectly and have used it lightly for years.

Dad said Dakota Granite made 50 of these tables and nobody at the quarry can remember much about them.

It's a beautiful table and makes a good player happy because of it's solid base and tightly woven green cloth covering.

Bar tables are easy compared to playing on this table.

My mom died recently and the table will need to be sold. We know how it was assembled and any person wanting a table of this type is probably aware of what is needed to move it.

Do you have suggestions for ways or places to advertise it? eBay would be my last choice because of their fees.

P.S. Dad sold the second table to another monument dealer friend.

How to Sell a "Dakota Classic" Granite Pool Table

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  1. Skip Collettbilliardsforum on 10/30/2011 10:39:18 AM

    Very cool back story. I bet those granite pool tables weigh a ton!

    Is this the pool table you are talking about? It is an marketing post card from Dakota Granite, Inc. out of Millbank, SD which outlines the details of the Dakota Classic granite pool table.

    Apparently there were two models:

    • Dakota Classic 800 Series Pool Table = 4' X 8'
    • Dakota Classic 900 Series Pool Table = 4 1/2' X 9'

    The back lists the constructions materials and some specs:

    • Genuine Dakota Mahogany Granite Bed, unconditionally guaranteed
    • Base & Rails, kiln dried wood laminate with high pressure plastic which is burn, scratch, and stain resistant
    • Right "A" frame construction
    • Easily Adjustable Leg-Leveler
    • Professional K-66 Rubber Cushions
    • Rubber Pockets, Regulation Opening
    • 18 Pearl Sights, 4 Score Wheels
    • Truly a fine piece of furniture to go with any decor.



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How to Sell a "Dakota Classic" Granite Pool Table

  • Title: How to Sell a "Dakota Classic" Granite Pool Table
  • Author: (N. Collett)
  • Published: 9/17/2010 11:28:00 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/30/2016 10:34:56 AM
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