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Brunswick Mikado Name Plate?

Brunswick Mikado Name Plate?

I am restoring a Brunswick Mikado pool table and the Brunswick nameplate is missing, I know there was several different types used, what is correct for this table? Thanks Ed

Brunswick Mikado Name Plate?

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  1. epreusserbilliardsforum on 12/11/2017 7:15:34 PM

    Hi Ed,

    Unfortunately, as you probably arleady know, the old Brunswick catalogs only have sketches of the Mikado pool table and not a clear photo, so you can't tell from that.

    I was thinking the name plates were recessed in the wood, and thus, from that spot you should be able to measure the size and judge the shape of name plate you need to narrow it down.

    However, if that isn't the case, you should really call Ken Hash at Classic Billiards. He's by far and away the guy to ask these types of questions, and he's always very friendly and willing to help. He's been doing pool table restoration for over 25 years. His contact info is found in the link above. His company sells reproductions of most of the old Brunswick name plates (and possibly might have an original in stock for your Mikado pool table).

    Let me know how you make out.

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Brunswick Mikado Name Plate?

  • Title: Brunswick Mikado Name Plate?
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/11/2017 11:36:24 AM