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Alternative pool table

Alternative pool table

I'm in the market for a new table but there is one thing about most pool tables that I just can't settle with: The slate and the wood (OK, I guess that is two things).

  • The slate - It is really heavy so you need a couple of guys to move every part of it. The potential of breaking during transport aren't huge but if they do new ones are expensive. It is a pain in the ass to get it all even and straight. I'd have to hire a pro to set my table up (getting it even and stretching the cloth).
  • The wood - It's mostly quite dark and looks "heavy", wouldn't fit in most modern apartments. It's flexible so even if a pro set up my table and got it lined up perfectly the weight of the slate would still, in time, make the table become un-level.

I've been looking around on the web and found some interesting tables (mostly in steel). Despite the fact that most of them are quite expensive, they look good.

Does anyone have any experience with these tables. Or does anyone know of any good tables made of alternative materials?

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