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9-Foot Saunier Wilhem Pool Table for Sale in Pennsylvania

9-Foot Saunier Wilhem Pool Table for Sale in Pennsylvania

I have a 1967 or maybe 1969 (I can't remember, it's written under the table) 9-foot professional Saunier Wilhem pool table that I would like to sell.

I am asking $3500 for it.

It's in good shape, and features 1" slate (which may be thicker, I'm not sure).

I had it recovered with Gorina cloth, so plays fast and the owner of the pool hall who put the cloth on wanted to buy it from me for $3000, and I refused. He kept trying to up the price and was willing to remove the cloth, break down the pool table right there and haul it away. He, unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

The slate is very smooth, and there is no damage at all to the pool table, and I think that's why wanted to buy it.

With Craigslist, people are just, I don't know, not serious. I say this because I had an furniture-style 8-foot Brunswick pool table with 1" slate listed on there, from the same pool hall, a few years back and nobody seemed serious about buying it. I wanted it gone for only $200.

Any help in selling this pool table would be appreciated.

I am located 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, PA.

9-Foot Saunier Wilhem Pool Table for Sale in Pennsylvania

Replies & Comments

  1. davechurchbilliardsforum on 2/12/2023 11:47:53 AM

    Used pool tables are very difficult to sell, especially 8-foot residential-grade models as you learned with your Craigslist experience.

    There is a very high volume of used pool tables on the market. A LOT of folks are selling pool tables they inherited from parents or grandparent, and don't really have a stake in them, so they let them go for next to nothing (and sometimes, literally for nothing) because they just "need them gone".

    Obviously you are now selling a 9-foot Saunier Wilhem pool table, but without photos, you won't attract any buyers. I highly suggest taking clear, well-lit photos of the pool table, taken from all perspectives, and uploading them here.

    $3500 is a fairly high price for a used pool table, especially for one from as recent as the late 1960s. However, the fact that it's a 9-foot pool table will definitely help you. There are much fewer used pool tables for sale in that size.

    If you search eBay and other classified sites for what other 9-foot pool tables you can buy for $3500, what do you find? Are they better than your Saunier Wilhem pool table, or not as nice?

  2. davechurchdavechurch on 2/12/2023 2:08:00 PM

    I appreciate the response. I agree, and I will get some good pictures.

    The ones that I have seen on eBay and elsewhere are not as nice, but as the collector and pool hall owner pointed out—with my specific pool table, the slate goes together and almost feels like one piece of slate, there's no filler needed and it's in perfect condition.

    Also, this pool table is built like a tank.

    Looking at the market as you pointed out, I might just keep it, I don't know.

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9-Foot Saunier Wilhem Pool Table for Sale in Pennsylvania

  • Title: 9-Foot Saunier Wilhem Pool Table for Sale in Pennsylvania
  • Author: (Dave Church)
  • Published: 2/1/2023 10:31:48 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/12/2023 11:49:12 AM
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