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What to Pay for a 9-Foot Brunswick Orleans Pool Table

What to Pay for a 9-Foot Brunswick Orleans Pool Table

I would like to get an idea what is reasonable price to pay for a 9-foot Brunswick Orleans pool table from a store in the Atlanta area.

It will be delivered, assembled, leveled, have new cloth installed, and any cushions replaced that require it (thought I am not sure what with). It would also include a basic accessory package.

I know the years in which the Orleans model pool tables were made is a wide window, so I don't know if the particular age impacts value. Does it?

Thanks for any info.

What to Pay for a 9-Foot Brunswick Orleans Pool Table

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  1. user1687973139billiardsforum on 6/29/2023 7:16:42 AM

    I'll tackle the easy question first. The year of manufacture of the pool table (within a specific model) makes no difference in the value, in this case.

    Condition is the primary consideration, and the extras you listed are another big factor.

    In the end, the Brunswick Orleans is a residential-grade pool table (vs. a commercial grade model like a Brunswick Gold Crown). The latter are more highly sought-after by serious pool players and command a premium that residential-grade pool tables do not. There is a far greater supply of used residential-grade pool tables on the market - so much so that it isn't uncommon to find classified ads offering them up for free just to get rid of them.

    You'll pay a slight premium for the 9-foot size as they're more sought-after by serious pool players and there are far fewer of them on the market in comparison to the more common 8-foot models.

    In your case, you're paying a premium (presumably) by buying it from a pool table dealer. Usually the dealer provides value for this premium in the form of guarantees that the pool table has no hidden issues (cracked slate, warped frame, etc), a used pool table warranty, a professional delivery and setup, and a new accessory package.

    Sometimes, the value of this stuff is worth almost as much as the table itself.

    If you bought a used pool table from a private seller, you would be looking at well over $500 to hire a of a professional pool table service to tear-down, move, refurbish, and setup the pool table (plus the cost of new cloth and cushions on top of that).

    Looking through our archives of previous classified listings for the Brunswick Orleans pool table shows that the prices are all over the map. Note that these classifieds are from the 2016-2017 period.

    • 9' Orleans by Brunswick Pool Table - $1500 (Cleveland, OH) - For sale is a Orleans pool table made by Brunswick in good condition, its a 9' table, leather pockets,a few cues, cue rack, full set of billiard balls, rack and table cover included, 3 piece slate. $1500 OBO
    • 9' Brunswick Orleans Pool Table - $4000 (Chicago, IL) - A beautiful 9' Brunswick Orleans pocket billiards table. Solid mohogany, 50" x 100" playfield Like New Condition, high end table, 3 piece 1" slate. I have it dismantled and ready for pick-up. Original MSRP $8799 (that was in 2002)
    • Brunswick Orleans 9' Pool Table - $1450 (Chicago, IL) - 9' Brunswick Orleans pool table in excellent condition, and priced to sell. Beautiful Vintage 9' Brunswick Orleans pool table. Professional over-sized 4.5' x 9'. Solid Brazilian Mahogany with full 1" - 3 piece slate bed for level playing surface. New felt in great shape. Molded paneled rails, ball and claw legs, diamond shaped mother of pearl rail sights, all leather pockets. Sold with all accessories shown on table and antique wall mounted rack with accessories shown. Buyer responsible for disassembling and moving. Easily accessible from basement walkout door.
    • Brunswick Orleans Pool Table - $2000 (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - We are looking to sell our pool table and light fixture. We also have a set of pool cue's and stand and triangle etc.- All accessories will come with it. If you have any questions about the table or would like to view it please give me a call or text or email. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Text or email is preferred. $2,500 or best offer. Please hire a professional company to move the table for you. We can try to assist you if needed.
    • Brunswick Orleans Pool Table - $2500 (Las Vegas, NV) - Brunswick pool table in excellent condition. This table was almost 6000.00 new. Asking 2500.00 OBO.
    • 8' Brunswick Orleans - $1500 (Mount Morris, IL) - 8ft Brunswick Orleans $1500.00 cash only please. you will not find one of these beautiful tables in this good of shape. also have a NOS extra set of walnut rails.
    • 9' Brunswick Orleans Pool Table - $3000 (Denver, CO) - This is a tournament-size, tournament quality Brunswick pool table, with accessories. The table is 9 feet by 4 1/2 feet. It is a French Provincial style with hand-rubbed black walnut rails, mother-of-pearl inlays and leather pockets. More importantly, the table is 3-piece 1" slate with a Simonis cloth. It plays very fast and true. Construction is absolutely solid. The table dates from the 1960s or early 1970s. Accessories include a high-quality Belgian ball set with storage rack, several sticks, hand and cue chalk, bridge and protective cover for the table. Buyer, of course, assumes responsibility for moving the table.

    Best of luck with your pool table purchase.

  2. user1687973139user1687973139 on 6/29/2023 10:34:29 AM


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What to Pay for a 9-Foot Brunswick Orleans Pool Table

  • Title: What to Pay for a 9-Foot Brunswick Orleans Pool Table
  • Author: (Lee Morris)
  • Published: 6/28/2023 1:25:42 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/29/2023 6:43:17 AM
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