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Value of Willie Hoppe Cushions table

Value of Willie Hoppe Cushions table


My husband and I inherited a full size pool table. The emblem on it says "Willie Hoppe, CUSHIONS, Victor Billard Co, Phila., PA". I have enclosed photos of it and was interested in knowing the approximate value and how best to advertise it for sale?



Value of Willie Hoppe Cushions table

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  1. elombardbilliardsforum on 3/15/2009 3:28:28 PM

    First of all, let me say that I think your table is very unique, and screams history. That is a beautiful table. I think that table has the potential for an AMAZING restoration.

    Can you photograph the part that says "Willie Hoppe, CUSHIONS, Victor Billard Co, Phila., PA" as a close up? I have a few folks who might be able to help put a rough value on it.

    Unfortunately there is no "blue book" for pool and billiard tables, like there is with pool cues. As a rule of thumb, I've always used the 4 criteria to value a pool table:

    • Search the net, and list all other instances of this table for sale, including condition and price for each. Average those out for each quality grouping - poor, average, excellent. Figure out which of the three conditions your table falls into, and there is your starting point. That handles the "supply" portion of the price.
    • For each of those listings you found, try to figure out (maybe by contacting seller) how quickly it sold, or didn't sell. Make a note for each. Index that to the price you found in part 1. This covers the "demand" portion of the price. You may also try posting it to kijiji or craigs list and just test pricing. you are never obligated to accept an offer. It's a good way to test the buyer's price threshold.
    • If your table is antique, there is another element to the pricing. This element involves contacting dealers of antique tables and simply discussing the table. You may want to disguise yourself as a potential buyer, looking for that specific table.
    • Lastly, we have the "history" factor. If you know the full history of your table, and that history includes some relevant information to the sport of billiards, then you can typically demand a higher price. An example of history as I'm talking about it, would be for example, a photograph of Willie Hoppe playing on that exact table, or a sales slip of a famous pool hall that once purchased that table. You get the idea.

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Value of Willie Hoppe Cushions table

  • Title: Value of Willie Hoppe Cushions table
  • Author: (Esme Lombard)
  • Published: 3/15/2009 10:59:54 AM