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Value of an 8' Olhausen Monterey Pool Table

Value of an 8' Olhausen Monterey Pool Table

I'm going to go take a look at this pool table in the next couple days.

It appears to be an Olhausen Monterey pool table. The sale includes the pool table, five pool cues, and the pool table light. I'm told it's in excellent shape.

They're asking $3000, I would have to pay to have it broken down, moved, and installed.

Is this a good, fair, or bad deal? If $3000 is too much, what's a fair price?


Value of an 8' Olhausen Monterey Pool Table

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  1. missin44billiardsforum on 6/17/2021 4:37:34 AM

    You can always keep your eye on classified sites since you know the model.

    I have a database with historic sales from Dec 2016 and Jan 2017, and there are two listings for Olhausen Monterey pool tables:

    1. 8-foot Olhausen Monterey pool table - Pittsburgh, PA - $2200
    2. 7-foot Olhausen Monterey pool table - California - $1500

    You can figure in a slight increase for inflation, and perhaps a bit again for pandemic lock-down demand for stuff like this.

    $3000 doesn't sound horrible, considering you'll be getting the light (figure $150-$200—or more—to buy one new). Assuming the 5 cues are Olhausen branded "house cues" (or similar), you could figure another $50-$80 each for those. More if they're better cues.

    On the other hand, it's still a residential-grade pool table. You're paying for the name, and the high-end furniture-grade oak, and the fancy finish (though Olhausen is still a trusted pool table brand either way). Residential pool tables are styled to the current trends of an era. Resale value after you've had it for 10 years isn't going to be great. However, commercial grade pool tables are almost always in demand, no matter what the age. It's serious pool players who want these, and so they almost always hold a fantastic resale value assuming they're kept in good condition.

    I always tell folks - let's assume you're willing to pay $3000 for that Olhausen pool table, lamp, and some cues. Before you pull the trigger, have one last quick look to see what else is out there for that same price. You'll often be surprised at what you can find.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up doing!

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Value of an 8' Olhausen Monterey Pool Table

  • Title: Value of an 8' Olhausen Monterey Pool Table
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  • Published: 6/12/2021 5:56:48 AM
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