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Value of a Gandy "Georgian" Pool Table

Value of a Gandy "Georgian" Pool Table

I have the following Gandy "Georgian" pool table in the 44 x 88 size, and want to know how much it is worth.

See photos for details.

I am looking for original retail value and what it would go for in today’s market.

Can anyone assist me? Thanks!





Value of a Gandy "Georgian" Pool Table

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  1. user1669948482billiardsforum on 12/3/2022 10:42:53 AM

    It's a Gandy Georgian pool table, and it's MSRP was $4895 for the size you have.

    Common retail was about 25% less than this, however.

    As for it's value today, it would be somewhere less than $1000, depending on the market in your area at any given time.

    It's a buyers market, and folks are literally giving away pool tables for free. Especially residential-grade ones like this. It's a well built quality pool table, but the style is dated and not very common in today's models.

    Best of luck!

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Value of a Gandy "Georgian" Pool Table

  • Title: Value of a Gandy "Georgian" Pool Table
  • Author: (Stacy Myers)
  • Published: 12/1/2022 6:34:42 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/3/2022 10:36:44 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)