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Value of a Fischer Coin-Op Pool Table

Value of a Fischer Coin-Op Pool Table

I am trying to find the value of a Fischer Coin-Op pool table.

I just relocated to the Central Illinois area from Washington DC and the previous owners left a 4 X 8 Ft. Fischer coin-operated pool table behind (with the coin mechanism disabled).

The serial number #08217 is stamped in the lower level, and it has a name plate that does say, "Fischer MFG. Co. INC. Tipton, Mo."

We are going to be remodeling and need to sell this piece. It is in Great Shape and the top is perfect!

The problem is that I have no idea of who to contact in the area for sale. I also have no idea what a Fischer coin-op pool table is worth.

Also, how would I even get it out of my house?

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