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Value of a Connelly Redington Pool Table

Value of a Connelly Redington Pool Table

I'm trying to make a decision on either keeping my table or replacing it. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of my table before I had it taken apart before I moved.

It is an 8-foot Connelly Billiards Table. I bought it in 2002. 3 slates.

What can I do to find out what model it is?

Don't expect much if I were to sell it but what should I expect if I sold it? How much are Connelly pool tables worth?


Value of a Connelly Redington Pool Table

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  1. Vegas337billiardsforum on 3/20/2017 5:00:18 PM

    You have a Connelly Redington pool table with the "tapered leg" option. The Redington is from the Connelly Canyon Collection line.

    Here is a picture from the 2007-2008 Connelly Billiards catalog:


    What is the value of a Connelly Redington pool table? The Redington model is still sold today, and the MSRP on the Connelly website is $2,695 (as of 2017-03-20). For a current value, all depends on condition and what similar tables are available in your area. Now that you know the model, you can do some research on past sale values on the classified sites, etc. Here are some from Jan 2017 Craigslist data:

    • Used 7' Connelly Redington Pool Table - $999 - Central Tucson
    • Refurbished Redington Pool Table 7' - $1200 - Tucson
    • Redington Pool Table - $1000 - Peoria, IL
    • Pool Table 8' Redington - $800 - Golden, CO
    • 8' Connelly Redington Pool Table Installed with New Felt - $1400 - Omaha, NE
    • 8 Ft Connley Redington Pool Table - $1000 - Torrington, CT
    • 8 Ft Connley Redington Pool Table - $1200 - Torrington, CT
    • Redington Billiard table - 800.00 - Wolcott, CT

    Here is the same Redington pool table in the finish you have. Pockets look different though, but of course, almost every feature can be customized.


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Value of a Connelly Redington Pool Table

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  • Published: 3/20/2017 10:58:24 AM
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