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Value of a "Combination Billiard MFG, Co., Inc. Pool Table

Value of a "Combination Billiard MFG, Co., Inc. Pool Table

This antique pool table has been in the family for many years and has been handed down through the generations. I now have it and am curious as to what I have.

It is a billiard table with removable bumper pieces that install at the pockets so that it can be used for playing pool or carom billiards.

I also have the antique billiard balls that came with it.

The label reads:

Combination Billiard MFG Co Inc

Patented March 27, 1899

Madison, Ind. U.S.A.

Any information would be appreciated!







Value of a "Combination Billiard MFG, Co., Inc. Pool Table

Replies & Comments

  1. devinfbilliardsforum on 3/3/2020 2:25:15 PM

    Thanks for sharing.

    As I mentioned before, I have a bit of information on the company, but you've likely seen these all on the internet already. I'll share it here just in case.

    They were headquartered in Indanapolis, IN, and the factory was in Madison, IN (as the decal on your pool table indicates).

    Unfortunately I have not found any marketing materials showing your exact model.

    March 1903 Classified Ad for a Salesman

    In this ad, the Combination Billiard Mfg Co is looking for a salesman. It is from the March 28 Saturday evening edition of The Indianapolis News.


    A 1903 Ad for Combination Billiard Mfg Co in Scientific American:


    A 1902 Combination Billiard Mfg Co Advertisement

    This ad ran in various publications throughout 1902-1903:


    Another 1902 Combination Billiard Mfg Co Ad

    This one also ran in multiple publications:


    A few 1902 Combination Billiard Mfg Co Catalog Pages:





  2. devinfdevinf on 3/3/2020 5:31:11 PM

    Thank you so much for the info. We’re trying to determine the value of the pool table for the estate and this is a great start!

    Much appreciated!

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Value of a "Combination Billiard MFG, Co., Inc. Pool Table

  • Title: Value of a "Combination Billiard MFG, Co., Inc. Pool Table
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/3/2020 9:36:57 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/3/2020 3:24:39 PM
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