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Value of a 9-Foot Gandy Pool Table

Value of a 9-Foot Gandy Pool Table

How much is this white Gandy pool table worth?

More details and photos here: White 4 1/2' by 9' Gandy Pool Table for Sale

Wanting to sell due to moving but no idea how much it is worth.


Value of a 9-Foot Gandy Pool Table

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  1. user1542410829billiardsforum on 11/17/2018 11:29:23 AM

    It looks like a Gandy Alexandria pool table, but hard to tell for sure from the photos.

    If that's what it is, the MSRP was $4240 in 1999. Retail was probably more like $3900 or something along those lines. If your white version was a "custom finish" then it would have been $300 extra. Also the 9-foot size would have been an extra $400.

    Other options and extras were as follows:

    • Solid mahogany is available for $600 additional
    • Rosewood and Zebrawood rails available on all models for $400 additional.
    • Rosewood and Zebrawood trim available on applicable models for $100 additional.

    All of that pricing included delivery, setup, warranty, and all accessories.

    With all that said, the market for used pool tables these days is horrible (and saturated), and you will never get anywhere near what they are worth.

    Good luck with the sale, and do let us know what you end up selling it for.

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Value of a 9-Foot Gandy Pool Table

  • Title: Value of a 9-Foot Gandy Pool Table
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  • Published: 11/16/2018 3:27:10 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/20/2020 2:48:48 AM
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