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Value of a 7-Foot Brunswick Madison Pool Table

Value of a 7-Foot Brunswick Madison Pool Table

How much is a 7-foot Brunswick Madison pool table worth, today, in good shape?

It's the version with the fancy legs, produced between 1984 to 1996.

Value of a 7-Foot Brunswick Madison Pool Table

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  1. Paul2223user1540324084 on 11/17/2022 5:25:25 PM

    I would also like to know the value of a 7' Brunswick Madison pool table.

  2. Paul2223billiardsforum on 11/30/2022 10:42:10 AM

    There's nothing special about the Brunswick Madison pool table model.

    It's a run-of-the-mill late-1980s to early-1990s residential grade "furniture style" pool table.

    In general, I see these being listed for between $500 and $1000 from used pool table dealers, and often they'll sit for sale for a very long time if they're anywhere toward the top end of that range. From private sellers, it's more like $500 to $700.

    To value your 7' Brunswick Madison pool table, do the following:

    1. Take a look at your local classified sites like Craig's List, eBay, etc. for similar-styled pool tables from Brunswick and Olhausen.
    2. Factor in the 7-foot size you mentioned. There will be less demand for 7-foot pool tables, in general, and thus, the value would be lower.
    3. Factor in the condition, and add/subtract from the average based on the condition of yours in comparison to what else is out there in the market.
    4. Once you think you've nailed down a price range, see what other pool tables can be found in your area for that same price.
      • Are they better than yours? If so, you may have to reduce the price of yours, slightly.
      • Are they worse than yours? If so, you may be able to increase the price of yours, slightly.

    Also keep in mind

    • Demand for used residential grade pool tables is less than the current supply, in general
    • In some markets, there's an abundance of folks giving away their pool tables for free due to lack of space, etc. As a seller, it's very hard to compete and get a fair price.

    Hope that helps.

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Value of a 7-Foot Brunswick Madison Pool Table

  • Title: Value of a 7-Foot Brunswick Madison Pool Table
  • Author: (Paul Stammen)
  • Published: 11/17/2022 5:18:18 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/30/2022 10:07:32 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)