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Value of 8 ft Brunswick Celebrity Model HY?

Value of 8 ft Brunswick Celebrity Model HY?

Can I get some suggestions on how to determine the value and opportunity to sell a 1966 8f Brunswick Celebrity Model HY? It's a home billiard table that's in great shape. We're only the second owner in 42 years, and the first owner lives a few doors down, so I know it's been well cared for. We're just empty nesters now and are re-doing our family room.

Any idea what's a good price? It's a one-piece slate top with automatic ball return, all the balls and cues, owner's manual, etc. It also has something of a "retro" look. It's a sleek white metal table with stainless steel trim and a gold colored cloth and rails. Very '60's!

Value of 8 ft Brunswick Celebrity Model HY?

Replies & Comments

  1. millsrdcbuettner on 4/6/2008 12:48:53 PM

    Did you find the value?

  2. millsrdmillsrd on 4/6/2008 1:01:14 PM

    Not really. I sold it on Craigslist for $250 and had lots of calls. Could probably gotten $500 more.

  3. millsrdbilliardsforum on 4/6/2008 1:15:35 PM

    Can you post up a few images of the pool table for us? It should help us in determining the value.

  4. millsrdmillsrd on 4/6/2008 4:23:36 PM

    I'll try. I don't use message boards often. If it works, I apologize in advance for the messy room where the pool table sat. We're renovating our play room. That's why it had to go. Also, I learned after I'd written this original post that this model table did not have a slate top as a thought, but a composite top that was meant to approximate the quality of slate yet be cheaper to produce and more durable for the moving/shipping of home tables. I told that to the guy who bought it, but he didn't care. He wanted it for a new playroom and kids from his church youth group were to be the primary users.

  5. millsrdmegs723 on 8/5/2008 5:07:37 PM

    I have the same table except it has green cloth. To my surprise, it came in the house that I bought several years ago. The cloth is very worn and I found that one of the legs was broken when we tried to move it out away from the wall. Is it worth repairing?

  6. millsrdmillsrd on 8/5/2008 9:24:07 PM

    I'm not a good one to say whether it's worth repairing. While in the process of selling mine I was informed by a potential buyer that this model of table did not have a slate top -- which would have made it much more valuable -- but a top made of something like pressed fiberboard that was meant to have many of the properties of a slate top.

  7. millsrdGinger on 8/5/2008 9:36:31 PM

    @millsrd ...thats interesting. Where did you read/hear that?

    I'd love to get more details on that. It seems that it'd be hard to beat the "solid" or "weighty" feeling that slate has.

  8. millsrdmillsrd on 8/5/2008 9:58:23 PM

    One of the people who called me about it (as a potential buyer) pointed out to me that the top was "imitation slate." He gave me the trade name for it, and when I looked in the owner's manual I had for the table, I found that it said clearly that it was made of that product and was made to have many of the properties of slate. Also, because it was a processed wood rather than slate, it was better for the home market because the table could be sold for a lower cost and the top would break as easily as a slate one would (making it easier to transport).

  9. millsrdmegs723 on 8/7/2008 12:35:15 PM

    @Ginger - It's certainly heavy. It took my husband (who's 6"10", 350) and 3 friends to comfortably move it. I was surprised to hear that it's not slate! (Unfortunately, we don't have an owner's manual.) The problem is that it's in our basement, and we can't get it up the stairs or through the door without breaking it. Who knows how they got it down there. So there's no way that we can sell it whole. Hence, the question of whether or not it's worth repairing to keep.

  10. millsrdguest on 4/20/2009 9:48:39 AM

    @millsrd - Do you still have the trade name for that imitation slate?

  11. millsrdguest on 7/28/2009 8:44:28 AM

    Brunswick called their imitation slate "slatite".

  12. millsrdtinneric on 9/12/2009 7:06:23 AM

    I have the owners manual for my Brunswick Celebrity. My dad was the original owner. I am having my recovered by a retired pool table tech. He told me that the top is not pressboard, it is encaspulated asbestos. He said it is no threat. He also said it is very hard and a good top. With new felt he said he could sell the table for $750

  13. millsrdTicky on 12/31/2010 7:25:52 PM

    I also have a Brunswick pool table model HY, serial number 23274.

    Does anyone know how I can find the value of the Brunswick HY or what it is worth today?

  14. millsrddunger44 on 6/5/2013 12:17:02 PM

    Hi There, I saw your post when I was doing some research of my own on a Celebrity Brunswick Billiard Table. I was wondering if you still have it and if so, if the original instruction manual indicates whether or not the one piece top is slat or what type of material. I have someone who is debating the fact that it is slat. Really need to know and hope that you can help me out. Thank you for your time, Donna My email address is: dunger44@aol.com.

  15. millsrddankco on 10/4/2013 5:32:58 PM

    A Brunswick Celebrity pool table is a mid-level Brunswick pool table featuring a nice art-deco appearance. At time of this post there is a listing for a Brunswick Celebrity pool table on the metro Detroit Craigslist for $300, which I would consider to be a good value.

  16. millsrdTJW on 9/25/2014 11:27:36 AM

    I also have a 1964 Brunswick Celebrity model HY billiard table. It's in excellent condition. My family was the original owner. I replaced the gold felt with the green about 6 years ago. I even have the Brunswick pool cues that came with it, along with the original owners manual. I'm moving and would like to sell it. From what I've seen on this forum, I should be able to get any where from $300 to $750. Does anyone have any thoughts on that pricing? It really is like new for 50 years old. There is only 1 scratch on the stainless steel rail frame and 1 mark on the plastic frame body below the rails.

    Thanks for any input.

  17. millsrdserloren on 8/5/2016 4:53:09 PM

    I've added a bunch of photos and information on the other thread about the Brunswick Celebrity pool table, and would appreciate the opinions of folks on here who know what's what, if the pool table is worth spending up to $700 total on, or...? Any additional help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


    Also, can anyone provide a PDF or JPG scans of the manual for a Brunswick Celebrity pool table?

    I'm hoping it would have detailed breakdowns for assembly, disassembly, and installation.

  18. millsrduser1512314758 on 12/3/2017 10:25:59 AM

    I had Brunswick Celebrity HY pool table appraised for $2100. Trying to sell it for $700.



  19. millsrdbilliardsforum on 12/3/2017 12:33:27 PM

    I think $2100 is very generous for a Brunswick Celebrity pool table in the condition it is in. The market for 2nd hand pool tables is very poor these days, and so I think you have it priced very appropriately at $700.

    The buyer will be looking at an additional $400 to $700 (or more) to have it moved, assembled, leveled, and re-clothed.

  20. millsrduser1519935413 on 3/1/2018 3:16:54 PM

    I have the same table but needs to be recovered. It was originally purchased at a Goldblatt's store in Rockford, IL by my parents back in the 50's. I have had the pool table in my basement for several years. It is still a nice pool table but needs some work on leveling, but the Honeycomb type surface may be warped a little. I had to dismantle the pool table to move it to my house. It was heavy to move!

    Any information on recovering would be appreciated.

    Do not have a photo to upload, but its the same a picture displayed!

  21. millsrduser1531101101 on 7/8/2018 10:00:34 PM

    I am looking for spare parts and an.original manual for the Brunswick Celebrity pool table if anyone has any.

    Tim Russi
    (407) 694-4556

  22. millsrduser1547510679 on 1/14/2019 4:04:40 PM

    I have a Brunswick Celebrity Model HY pool table.

    50 years ago my Dad bought the pool table from Fort Worth Billiards after a amateur tournament. They broke one of the side skirts on the base. That was wood, and my Dad was a wood shop teacher so that was no problem.

    The top is one whole piece that was sold to my Dad as "imitation slate". Someone in a previous post stated it was called "Brunswick Slatite". I hope it's not asbestos as a contributor was told it was.

    My Dad passed 30 years ago and the table has been in storage for 18 years after my Mother passed. We finally have a room it will fit in WE THINK?

    1. Can anyone tell me the over all measurement of the table. I'm in the same boat as a previous post contributor as I'm not sure I can get up my stairs.
    2. Can anyone tell me in room requirements are they measuring from the playing surface or the outside dimension of the table?

    Thanks for your help.

  23. millsrdbilliardsforum on 1/14/2019 5:54:02 PM

    Here is the Celebrity spec sheet from 1968.

    It has all of the info you are asking for regarding room size, and pool table dimensions. (see info in the yellow box).

    It specifies 2½" levelite for the playing bed. It is lighter-weight than slate, and was a "honeycomb" design. See patent images below for construction details of Brunswick's "Levelite" bed (yes the patent it filed in 1969 - after the Celebrity came out, but still it shows the honeycomb). I'm sure if you search patents a little more you'll find some more related to it.


    Here are the patent images:



    Here is Brunswick Corp's Levelite trademark registration document:


  24. millsrduser1547510679 on 1/14/2019 7:49:45 PM

    Many Thanks for the Info. I want my son and grandson to have the wonderful memories I have spent with my Dad and Brother around that pool table. That you can never put a price.

    Again Thanks

  25. millsrduser1531101101 on 8/2/2019 9:22:21 PM

    Looking for an HY model for sale?

    Tim Russi
    (407) 694-4556

  26. millsrdleadfoot on 9/22/2019 12:18:33 PM

    If anyone is interested, we have a Brunswick Celebrity pool table for sale.

  27. millsrduser1576116722 on 12/11/2019 6:12:03 PM

    We have a Brunswick Celebrity pool table for sale in Clayton, MO for $300.

    Contact me via text if you are interested. Serious inquiries only.

    (314) 413-1391

  28. millsrdserloren on 12/12/2019 7:52:22 AM

    My plans to repair and refinish the Brunswick Celebrity HY pool table that I got a year and a half ago were waylaid by an adoption, a car accident, two surgeries for new daughter, a flooded basement, and two leaks in the roof. My wife and I are both currently recovering from surgeries, so, it's been a bit too busy to work on it. LOL!

    However, I did manage to find a manual, and also to get the pool table broken down into separate parts, and found that of course I need to replace the felt on the rails as well as the top, and the (i forget the word) "rail sticks" that hold the cloth in place. I also need to replace the rubber "bottom" inside the body/frame that the balls drop onto and then roll on to the front end. Beyond that, a little sanding it down, priming and painting, and she'll be great!

    So why the post? For the folks above who have gone on and on about the materials and quality of this pool table. It is absolutely NOT fiberboard, pressed board, or anything similar to the cheap K-Mart-type pool tables sold today. It is about 2.5" thick, and it is a form of stone of some kind (at least on the outside). Someone else posted a patent (1969) for the top that shows a honeycombed interior, and I don't plan to crack mine open to check (haha), but I doubt if that honeycomb material is itself wood. I KNOW that what would be the top layer and the bottom layer are NOT wooden, and are some sort of stone similar to a limestone.

    It is heavy as all get out, BUT, even after all these decades it remains completely squared and as flat as when it was made. It is a very DURABLE beast of a pool table!

    I figure that restoring it will probably cost me around $600, including materials, new balls, sticks, etc, and my time. For a pool table I got for FREE, I would say it will be well worth it.

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Value of 8 ft Brunswick Celebrity Model HY?

  • Title: Value of 8 ft Brunswick Celebrity Model HY?
  • Author: (Robert Mills)
  • Published: 2/16/2008 2:33:54 PM