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Price for a 9-Foot 2001 Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table

Price for a 9-Foot 2001 Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table

I’ve been looking for a 9' Brunswick pool table for a little while and came across a 2001 Brunswick Ventura II 9-foot pool table for sale.

I would say it's condition is probably a 7/10, as it has some scratches but they don’t seem very deep. It seems like I could buff some of them off.

I definitely want a 9-foot Brunswick pool table, not too old (new enough to at least have the New Brunswick logo as the rail plate), in pretty good shape.

I’ve seen them go for as little as $500 on a few forums (I believe an older lady just wanted to get rid of it) to others asking $4,500 on eBay (I doubt they’ll get that).

What is a fair price for a 9-Foot 2001 Brunswick Ventura II pool table?

Price for a 9-Foot 2001 Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table

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  1. jjpbilliardsforum on 3/14/2018 9:24:41 PM

    My advice is to not rush it, take your time, monitor Craigslist constantly, and don't pay over $1600 (or maybe $1800 since you want the 9-foot version which will be less common). Also remember that you'll be paying ~$500 give or take, for disassembly, moving, and setup.

    I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in or near a major city, or you are in any of the states where pool is most popular (e.g. Florida, Chicago, Arizona, Texas), and if you can wait it out until the right pool table comes up for sale, you will get a great deal.

    Let me back up my price suggestion with some data.

    Looking at Craigslist data for a small period between 2016-Nov to 2017-March - we can see they never exceed $2000, and I can guarantee most of these didn't sell. Some of the prices below even include delivery AND setup.

    Yes, 9-foot tables will be WAY less common, but they are out there.


    For used pool tables, it's absolutely a buyer's market right now, and will continue to be so for a long time I predict.

    Hope this helps.

  2. jjpjjp on 3/15/2018 8:35:07 AM

    I very much appreciate the information! Right now he is asking $1,700 for it (which doesn't include anything additional, I'd had to break it down, move it, and set it up with new cloth).

    The table isn't perfect, it has some scratches and isn't EXACTLY what I want. I like it a lot though. I'm looking for a furniture style 9', although I prefer the looks of a Camden or Glenwood.

    I offered him $1,500 and he said he needed $1,700 so unless he changes his mind I think I will pass and wait for something else to pop up.

    I live in near Cleveland and am checking craigslist daily.

    Are there any other site that people sell pool tables regularly? I also check the facebook marketplace.

  3. jjpbilliardsforum on 3/15/2018 9:46:41 AM

    I think I would have made the same choice.

    If he doesn't sell it for a while he may end up coming back to you... $1500 seems fair especially given that it's a 9-foot.

    Craigslist is still the big one, but you can always check the up-and-comers like offerup (offerup.com), etc.

    • For example, on offerup, there is a 9-foot Olhausen for $700 in Amherst, OH (not sure how close that is to you, but the price is perfect).

    Solid Oak 9-foot olhausen:



    I would also keep an eye on:

    But offerup and Craigslist are still your highest-volume marketplaces.

    Either way, let us know what you end up doing.

  4. jjpjjp on 3/15/2018 10:14:12 AM

    You're a huge help! Thank you very much!

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Price for a 9-Foot 2001 Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table

  • Title: Price for a 9-Foot 2001 Brunswick Ventura II Pool Table
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  • Published: 3/9/2018 7:00:58 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/14/2018 9:06:12 PM
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