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How Much is a U.S. Billiards, Inc. Pool Table Worth?

How Much is a U.S. Billiards, Inc. Pool Table Worth?

How much is a U.S. Billiards, Inc. pool table worth, in general?

I’m trying to help a friend sell one, but neither of us have any idea what is a fair asking price, and I’m not coming up with much in my google-research.

He wants to sell it as-is, and we know that obviously it would have to re-felted, the bumpers replaced, etc. Every mechanical piece is there except the actual quarter in-take, but we don’t know know whether or not anything actually works properly, without going and buying a set of pool balls and testing it out (long story as to why he has a pool table with no balls and only one cue).

Does anyone have a ball-park figure of what these pool tables are worth?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!






How Much is a U.S. Billiards, Inc. Pool Table Worth?

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  1. user1556599985billiardsforum on 4/30/2019 2:14:50 AM

    These US Billiards coin-op pool tables aren't worth much even when in excellent working condition with original parts and a proper set of balls.

    The amount of work, and money that would be needed to bring this one back to original working order would be somewhere in the ball-park of what one could be purchased for on classified sites, etc. Add another $50 to $150 for a new set of pool balls on top of that.

    It's also missing a lot of trim. There may be more, but just from the photos you posted above:

    • missing chrome trim from the long window in the removable ball tray cover
    • missing chrome trim from where the bottom edge of the rails meets the top of the aprons
    • missing chrome trim from the vertical edges where the aprons meet at the corner

    I think it's a U.S. Billiards "Pro" Series pool table (see picture below). They featured a one-piece slate, and were considered commercial-grade (except the residential versions - smaller non-coin operated).

    It might be worth $75 to $100 to someone looking for parts for this specific US Billiards model, since the company is no longer in business and replacement parts aren't readily available (which also means fixing yours up will be even more of a challenge). But the parts folks often look for are the coin mechanisms and the chrome trim, both of which are missing from the pool table pictured above.

    In general, right now, the market for used pool tables is saturated. You have people on classified sites literally giving them away. This, coupled with the fact that the table's style is outdated, and doesn't feature a solid-wood finish, makes it hard to realize a decent value when selling.

    Here are four other questions asked here in the past about the value of a US Billiards pool table. The answers to all of them are very generous.

    ...and one older question from someone looking for parts:

    Sorry to paint a grim picture for the value of this pool table.

    As a consolation prize, I'll share the original U.S. Billiards, Inc. sales brochure for the model I think this pool table is:


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How Much is a U.S. Billiards, Inc. Pool Table Worth?

  • Title: How Much is a U.S. Billiards, Inc. Pool Table Worth?
  • Author: (Jennifer Wilcox)
  • Published: 4/29/2019 9:53:06 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/30/2019 1:32:31 AM
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