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How Much is a Jordan Pool Table Worth?

How Much is a Jordan Pool Table Worth?

I inherited an old pool table from my great uncle. I think it is from the 40's or 50's. The silver plaque on the side reads 'JORDAN' and a crest with what looks like lions on each side of some kind of flag. I want to sell it as we just don't have room for it in our new house, and if it is worth anything, I don't just want to leave it when we move from the old house. Does anyone have any idea of the worth?

How Much is a Jordan Pool Table Worth?

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  1. guestrdfallin on 3/23/2017 2:20:51 PM

    I need to know how much an 8-foot Jordan pool table is worth.

    My friend's Dad is getting rid of it. All I know is that he had it for many years. It is in near-excellent condition. It has a dark wood finish, green top, and the plaque on the side is black with gold lettering. It has Jordan on the right and an emblem on the left.

  2. guestbilliardsforum on 3/23/2017 10:10:12 PM

    Going to need a couple of pictures. One or two of the table as a whole, and one of the plaque close-up.

    Could this be the Jordan Billiards out of Manitoba Canada (which did/does business all throughout North America)?

  3. guestuser1499808181 on 7/11/2017 9:23:01 PM

    How much is a mini Jordan pool table worth?

    It is in excellent shape.



  4. guestuser1505176440 on 9/11/2017 8:34:03 PM

    Hello: Can you please tell me what this Jordan's pool table is worth? It is about 40+ years old that my parents have. Purchased about 1975. Has been under plastic protective covering.





    Very good condition but dusty. I have attached photos for you to review. Much appreciated.

  5. guestbilliardsforum on 9/13/2017 10:02:49 PM

    Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with these Jordan pool tables. There are almost zero references to them out there on the internet, and even fewer auction and classified ads for them.

    Unfortunately, when there is not market for a specific brand, the best you can do is put it up for sale and gradually lower your price until you get some bites. If you aren't in a rush to sell it, you should set up some alerts on the big classified and auction sites for Jordan pool tables. Monitor the pricing and final sale price if any, and price accordingly.

    If you have any more info on the manufacturer, please share it. It may help me locate more info or find more references to past sales.

    UPDATE - Haha. So, no sooner than I clicked submit on my reply, did I find a 2015 auction for your exact Jordan pool table model. The pictures there showed me the under-side of the Jordan pool tables. They are pretty much nothing more than a novelty, low-end hobbyist pool table.

    This one is at auction for $150 with all of the gear. The one you have, and this one in the photos does not have slate. This means that no serious player would buy this.

    Jordan Pool Table w/ Rack, Cue sticks, & Balls - legs are collapsible. 8' L x 50" W x 30" H






    Source: bid.hostetterauctioneers.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/7296/lot/914375/

    Then there is a different 3-piece slate Jordan pool table for sale in Canton, OH for $1150. Doubt they'll get anywhere near that much for it though.

    8' Jordan Pool Table - $1150

    USA made table features durable Walnut Formica rail tops, solid wood sub rails, 3-piece slate, metal corners, drop pockets with a ball storage area and unique styling!




  6. guestuser1505176440 on 9/14/2017 10:55:55 AM

    Thank you so much for all your research and time. Much appreciated!

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How Much is a Jordan Pool Table Worth?

  • Title: How Much is a Jordan Pool Table Worth?
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  • Published: 5/4/2009 9:02:13 AM