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Atlantic Billiard Table Co. Value

Atlantic Billiard Table Co. Value

I own a pool table built by "Atlantic Billiard Table Co." of Brooklyn NY. It is 9' x 5' with a three piece slate not sure but over an inch thick... I know for a fact that it was purchased used in the late 50's. When I paid for it to be moved and re-felted the man seemed to think it was from the 20's and was originally made to be sold as a "Bar" table. Anyone who could offer me any advise on how to find out more about it or value I would appreciate..


Atlantic Billiard Table Co. Value

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  1. Joshengelbubbakid on 2/1/2011 9:00:54 AM

    That sounds like a nice pool table. Perhaps you can post a picture?

  2. Joshengelguest on 6/18/2011 1:43:47 PM

    Atlantic Billiard company was a manufacturer from Brooklyn NY they went out of business in the 1960's. They were part of several companies in NYC that made "Antique" pool tables, which they were best known for.

    The tables made post WW2 were downgraded in materials to save cost so they don't normally hold much value over a brand new table but if it is a true antique (which i think if your mechanic said it was then it might be) then the table holds a value to the right buyer. Fully restored Antique tables have sold in the neighborhoods of $30,000 to $80,000, yet one in any sort of disrepair may only fetch a couple hundred dollars.

    The slates are 1"inch slates with a wood backing so it seems they are bigger. Also most tables made in the 1900's-1930's were made for pool hall use, especially in major metropolises since a table requires a lot of room, which most NYC apartments don't offer. But it was not uncommon to have them in hotels as well as in private upscale residences. Most Tables from that time usually have a story, I've heard them all, the most common is that "Jackie Gleason played on this table", which I can contest to some of the tables I have worked on.

    Hope this helps in your evaluation of your pool table.

  3. Joshengeluser1507828518 on 10/12/2017 1:15:01 PM

    I've been looking at a table made by "Atlantic Billiard Company" is this the same or no? The one I'm looking at buying is in excellent shape and they are asking $400. Says Atlanta, GA on it as well, so I'm trying to find out whatever I can about it. Do you guys know anything?

    Also, the guy says he's not sure if it's 3 piece slate, or if it's a solid one piece of slate. I am trying to simply move it out of his garage in one piece and into my trailer, and then into my garage. So no disassembly whatsoever.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Joshengelbilliardsforum on 10/12/2017 6:14:35 PM

    The Georgia "Atlantic Billiards" is a different company from the New York "Atlantic Billiards Co".

    The Atlantic Billiards out of Georgia was a retailer, they sold Brunswick Billiards pool tables as well as their own line of pool tables branded "ABC" I believe. I don't recall if they made the tables, or had white-label pool tables imported from over seas with their name and logo.


    They also did their own bars and game room furniture as well.

    They had three retail locations in GA:

    Hard to tell for sure either way without pictures of the name plate on the pool table you are looking to buy.

  5. Joshengeljopizza on 2/18/2021 11:53:58 AM

    I had an Atlantic pool table for about 10 years. I sold it for $500.

    They were great pool tables. They had all-wood construction, so they were strong, but simple.

    They were made for pool rooms. You wont find a fancy Atlantic pool table as they didn't make furniture-style pool tables. They just made crude commercial-style pool tables designed to hold up to guys abusing them.

    I was at the Atlantic Billiards factory years ago on Atlantic Ave. It was not too far from the BQE Parkway.

    I know Atlantic billiards built commercial pool tables but they also refurbished other pool tables and what I heard was that when they did that they put their own label on the pool table and resold them to billiard halls. So it's possible that even though a pool table has the Atlantic Billiards name plate, it may not actually be one of theirs.

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Atlantic Billiard Table Co. Value

  • Title: Atlantic Billiard Table Co. Value
  • Author: (Josh Engel)
  • Published: 5/12/2009 6:38:31 AM