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Schematics for a 1964 Valley Deluxe 775 Pool Table

Schematics for a 1964 Valley Deluxe 775 Pool Table

I am looking for the schematic for a 1964 Valley Deluxe 775 pool table (or any internal photos).

Someone had previously removed the coin slot and ball drop mechanism from the one I have, but I want to return it to it's original operating condition, just because.

I can’t find any pictures on how the inside was assembled for reference. I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of these tables around anymore to reference off of?

If anyone can help with pictures so I know what to make and what to fabricate, that would be awesome.




Schematics for a 1964 Valley Deluxe 775 Pool Table

Replies & Comments

  1. bansheedavebilliardsforum on 9/18/2019 4:33:45 AM

    Yes, it's going to be hard to find the info you are looking for I'm afraid.

    I've been on the Valley-Dynamo site and they don't have the technical info for your model. In fact, their serial number cross-reference sheet says this:

    In most cases, parts specific to these tables were discontinued between 1986 and 1989 and we will definitely not have them, or any schematics, exploded drawings, tech documentation, part lists or diagrams for tables of this era. Nobody currently employed with Valley-Dynamo has any working knowledge of how to repair the pre-1970s tables.

    That same serial number cross-reference sheet tells us your model was made between January and June 1964 (which I think you already know)

    VA5152XVA11152X - Build date between Jan 1964 and Jun 1964

    The best advice from Valley today is that if you can buy two of whatever old Valley table you are trying to restore - do it. They are relatively cheap to acquire, and between the two, you'll likely have everything you need to restore one of them to perfect working order.

    All that said, I do have a few photos in my records that may help. You may already have seen these online, but posting just in case:

    1. Details of the Valley of the insides of a very close model - the Valley 785 coin-op pool table - from that same era (albeit ~3 years earlier than yours I think). They are from another user who was restoring his. Yes, they are slightly different. No idea if they'll be helpful or not, but here you go:





    2. Some photos of your exact model, the Valley Coin Op 775 pool table, but unfortunately it only shows the fully assembled pool table. Might help. Might not.




    3. Here is the original brochure for the Valley 775 coin-operated pool table, showing it's original specs:


    I hope all of some of this is helpful in some way. If you come across any other material, please share it here.

    Let us know how your restoration turns out. Can't wait to see photos of the finished product.

  2. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 9:30:23 PM

    i just found one like this 775 model it needs some work but i paid 150 bucks it needs felt and the metal coin op mech and locks but other then that it seems pretty decent . was it a good deal??

  3. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 9:43:30 PM

    I paid $100 for mine and also needs felt. I also blew my knee out moving which cost me a couple months of work and reduction in pay, so I would say you made out paying $150 for it.

    If all the other parts are intact other than the locks and coin mechanism, can you post pictures? I’d appreciate it.

  4. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 9:47:26 PM


    here i think i posted it correctly ill get more pics when i pick it up imm going to have to take it apart to move it so i dont mess up my back

  5. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 9:50:16 PM

    yours looks in better shape then mine

  6. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 9:51:59 PM

    Pull the bumpers and the slate comes right out. Tip the table over and remove six screws per leg and they come right off. Pull ball holder out of the case. The cabinet is very awkward to move, get several friends. There isn’t very many good places to grab it from. It’s a very table to play on, I love mine.

  7. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 9:53:18 PM

    If all the accessories came with your table for $150, you got one hell of a deal

  8. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 9:55:10 PM

    i cant wait it will be my first table at home i might restore it completely. we will see what i do . on the schematic or whatever it shows a string with a ball on it what is that??

  9. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 9:55:50 PM

    For their age, they both look in great shape to be honest.

  10. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 9:56:23 PM

    yea all the accessories came with it

  11. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 9:57:28 PM

    That’s the chalk holder that you are referring to. Mine was missing, just ordered new ones. Will be here Monday. I’ll get it installed once it gets here

  12. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 9:58:14 PM

    oh so its just to hold chalk thats cool

  13. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 9:59:21 PM

    If the pic goes through, this is what I bought to replace the missing chalk holder DA9DB23A-0500-477A-99B7-8FB52369A7E5.png

  14. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 10:00:38 PM

    yea mines missing as well toss me the link you ordered yours from

  15. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 10:02:32 PM
  16. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/21/2019 10:04:03 PM

    I’m not sure if the link sends you to the listing or my purchase. Either way, you can get to the eBay page lol

  17. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/21/2019 10:04:39 PM

    okay thanks alot for your information if i have any more questions im going to hit you up, also my email is troysarah13@gmail.com

  18. bansheedaveuser1569126621 on 9/22/2019 12:06:04 AM

    was your coin mechanism functional on yours?? if so do you have a picture of how it works.

  19. bansheedavebansheedave on 9/22/2019 5:51:06 AM

    Mine is missing everything. Someone even went as far as breaking out the coin box.

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Schematics for a 1964 Valley Deluxe 775 Pool Table

  • Title: Schematics for a 1964 Valley Deluxe 775 Pool Table
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  • Published: 8/18/2019 11:55:51 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/18/2019 3:37:35 AM
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