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Restoring a English Bar Billiard Table

Restoring a English Bar Billiard Table

I need to restore an English bar billiard table "time out bar".

I have acquired an old coin timer mechanism but I still need the plans and or photographs so I can get an understanding on how to start.

Does anyone have experience in this, or know where I can obtain instructions to replace the bar billiards table time-out bar?

I did find the UK bar billiards table plans on this website, and I will be using those as I go along as well, but would be more comfortable in the restoration if I had some additional resources.

Restoring a English Bar Billiard Table

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  1. Mike G0nevmrmunchy on 6/18/2009 9:56:30 PM

    Hi Mike,

    I am the creator of the UK bar billiard table plans you found on this website.

    Since you are restoring an original English bar billiards table, perhaps you could update my plans with correct dimensions, complete with ball size?

    If you can do that, I can use your updated version to modify the original plans to produce a second set so people have an option on what version to build.

    As for finding bar billiard table replacement parts, try googling bar billiard and you are bound to find restorers in the UK who can help.

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Restoring a English Bar Billiard Table

  • Title: Restoring a English Bar Billiard Table
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  • Published: 3/5/2009 3:20:51 PM
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