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Replacement Parts for All-Tech ATI Pool Table

Replacement Parts for All-Tech ATI Pool Table

I am looking for parts for a 1958 All-Tech pool table. It is an 8-foot, 3-piece slate pool table.

I am trying to re-cloth it now and I need corners and pockets.

All I have found for identification numbers are 668 and 1958.

Replacement Parts for All-Tech ATI Pool Table

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  1. user1606505642user1608399655 on 12/19/2020 9:40:56 AM

    I have a ATI 8' pool table that I need the same part for.

    I've used parts that I've purchased from the Classic Billiards web site for the top parts on the rails but need to find the corner pieces that hold the wood skirting together.

    I bought wider ones but they won’t work without major customization.


  2. user1606505642Harrie Back on 12/30/2020 11:11:30 AM

    The ones you bought may be the ones to use. Just cut down the aprons to fit your new corners. Just google "pool table apron corners". Here are the apron corners on amazon.com.

    In terms of pockets, any plastic drop pocket will work on that pool table. Trim them to fit with scissors or a razor.

  3. user1606505642user1608399655 on 12/30/2020 12:49:57 PM

    This is the miter corner I am looking for to complete this project


  4. user1606505642Harrie Back on 12/30/2020 2:43:49 PM

    Yes those ones may be hard to find. They would crack easy.

    Check eBay. All-tech went out a long time ago.

    What I mentioned before might work for you. Just shorten the apron boards.

    A set of Brunswick Bristol corners may work also.

    Classic Billiards has them and others that might work.


  5. user1606505642user1608399655 on 12/30/2020 3:35:09 PM

    Thanks @Harrie Back.

    That looks like it will work, and I've worked with Ken at Classic Billiards before.

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Replacement Parts for All-Tech ATI Pool Table

  • Title: Replacement Parts for All-Tech ATI Pool Table
  • Author: (Michelle Morrow)
  • Published: 11/27/2020 11:34:04 AM
  • Last Updated: 11/28/2020 7:36:12 AM
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