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Parts for a Willie Holt 12ft Snooker Table

Parts for a Willie Holt 12ft Snooker Table

I am looking for spare parts for a Willie Holt 12ft snooker table.

I need:

  • 6 ring pocket nets
  • 6 leathers
  • 6 ball rails
  • 6 pocket metal plates
  • all the pool cues and spider and extensions
  • 36 lateral fixings
  • 8 lateral cross
  • 1 set of snooker balls
  • 1 triangle
  • 1 full size rest.

Can anyone give me a retailer or a used pool table parts dealer which might have some of these parts?


Parts for a Willie Holt 12ft Snooker Table

Replies & Comments

  1. olbacquser1538772370 on 10/5/2018 1:46:11 PM

    Apart from pool tables, I have been looking for information about another billiard related item produced by Willie Holt.

    On eBay this week I found a metal pool cue case made by Willie Holt. It has a name plate which reads:

    Willie Holt Burnley Limited
    Billiard Table Works


    Metal Cue Case - Willie Holt Billard Table Works

    Starting Bid: GBP 35.00 (US $45.82)

    Willie Holt, Burnley Ltd Billiard Table Works

    This is a fabulous item and I believe it to be very old.

    At the top of the case is a brass plaque that read" Willie Holt, Burnley Ltd Billiard Table Works, Burnley.

    The case is 155cm long and is in good condition, with a few dents and minor scratches which you would expect from the age of this item. None of the blemishes detract for the items appeal.

    I cannot find any information about cue cases related to Willie Holt, but his business was more renowned for Billiard Tables.

    Willie Holt was in 1898, a well known professional billiard player, philosopher and inventor set up in Burnley in Lancashire manufacturing billiard tables. In 1902 he registered a limited company, Willie Holt (Burnley) Ltd. In 1923 his company supplied the tables for the World Championships.

    Source: ebay.com/itm/142963419473

  2. olbacqbilliardsforum on 10/10/2018 3:59:18 AM

    Sometimes I feel like the companies that made these metal cue cases used machining left over from World War I/II production. I say that because I recently read that Willie Holt Billiard Works Ltd. paused cue sport equipment production during the first and second world wars to undertake the manufacture of ammunition boxes.

    There was a recent listing for the same Willie Holt Burnley Billiard Table Works pool cue case, and it says it was listed for GPB 10.00 but didn't sell at that price. It was black instead of brown, but looks identical.

    Likely for one-piece snooker cues as it appears to be a full-length cue case.

    Old metal billiard cue holder with "Willie holt billiard table works burnley"

    Ended: 14 Aug, 2018

    Lovely old metal cue holder with original cork in the lid has black paint over the metal would look great in a sports bar or pub collection only due to size


    willie-holt-cue-case-4.jpg willie-holt-cue-case-2.jpg willie-holt-cue-case-3.jpg

    There is a bunch of company info out there if you google around a bit. Not much on cue cases though. I did see a few older eBay sales for their pool cues, which came with the accompanying cue cases (all sold for ~50 pounds give of take - for both the cue and the case.

    The Holt Billiard Works factory in Rosegrove, Burnley.


    Three generations of Holt Billiard Works family operators.


  3. olbacquser1666790089 on 10/26/2022 1:14:50 PM

    I also have a pool cue case by Willie Holt Billiard Table Works:


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Parts for a Willie Holt 12ft Snooker Table

  • Title: Parts for a Willie Holt 12ft Snooker Table
  • Author: (Olivier Bacquart)
  • Published: 2/6/2012 9:05:24 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/26/2016 10:43:37 PM
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